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 Have you used the Stratus with the Abyss yet? I'd be really interested in hearing impressions of that.
Absolutely, your're in for a treat!!    Yes, and a whole lot of them!! As we get closer to the event, we'll be updating the Exhibitor list at the beginning of this thread.....subscribe and stay tuned!!   Congrats on the Urbanites and YES!! 
 That would be really cool!   Look forward to meeting you David. Yes, there will be options for the name badges to have both names on them.
 Awesome!! So sad to hear about Harry. As someone who did not know him, I was really moved by the kind words you have written about him.
 We will be testing the connection speed at the venue and will provide feedback if this is a viable option or not. Oohhhh, I would have loved to hear the Orpheus and look forward to hearing the clones.   Yay, got you down Frank! 
 Your're welcome! 
 My pleasure!   No, not really but YMMV. Some might prefer the m903's presentation which is a little softer.   
 That's a good point. I think it's likely that many of our exhibitors will be using Tidal (lossless streamer), so that will certainly help.
Here is the m920 review:   The symbiotic combination of clarity and musicality have always been a hallmark of Grace Design products and the new Grace m920 High Resolution Monitoring System follows in this great tradition. Before I get to the new m920, let’s first take a walk down memory lane. Grace Design was founded in 1994 by two brothers; Michael and Eben Grace. At the time, Michael was...
Do you still have the Hugo? It plays very nicely with the Stratus.
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