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Awesome, thanks!!
Hmm, YES! I would love to hear the HE-6 through that. But I don't have anything to connect it with. Also, I will put you down for a full table!
Grace Design added to exhibitor list!
Volunteers We're still looking for a few volunteers to help Warren and myself with manning the Registration Desk! This is FUN and a great way to meet and talk to a lot of enthusiasts! Plus, entrance to the meet (and raffle) is FREE.   Please PM for more details!
Please take a look at the member table assignments and let me know if you have any changes/updates. We do have table space left, so if you want space let me know!!   Table Assignments third_eye (1) warrenpchi (1) mikemercer (1) shioriskine (1) Zashoomin (0.5) amb (1) linuxworks (1) CEE TEE (1) baronkatz (0.5) JustinBieber (0.5) SanJoseCanJunkie (1, sharing with calaf) calaf (sharing with SanJoseCanJunkie) peter_in_the_bay (0.5) particleman14 (1, sharing...
For any Violectric fans that happen to either live or have an opportunity to be in the Bay Area, we will be showing the V281 and V220 at the upcoming SF Meet on July 19. Link to the meet is in my sig.  
Happy to report that the Violectric V220 and V281 have arrived from Germany! I believe this will be the North American debut!
Not necessarily, as there will be plenty of headphone/amp combinations to listen to. In fact, with about 45 tables there will be approximately (90) listening stations! Many people who are not hosting gear will probably just put some music on a flashdrive or i-device and plug into someone else amp. Everyone should be really friendly!
 Awesome work, Warren! In case anyone is interested, we'll be posting details shortly on how to order a T-Shirt!
 We had some extras for sale at the SoCal meet, but will start some sort of preorder list once we have the logistics figured out.
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