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 Of course! 
Update We will be opening the impressions thread for CanJam at 9a PST on Saturday morning! This will give everyone who is unable to attend a chance to get "live" impressions, reports, pics, and maybe even some video. Stay tuned!
Yep, it's a comfy room with a big boardroom table in the middle!
Yeah, the third floor Lounge is actually the Executive Boardroom of the hotel so I think there are like 14 comfy leather chairs up there!
 That really depends. If you want to take in as much as possible then clearly both days. If you only want to check out a handful of stuff then probably Sunday. Either way, I would recommend getting there early......some exhibits will likely have lines. Either way, getting in at 9am would be a good strategy.
 Right behind Fujiya Avic in Japan......  It's going to be pretty busy this weekend. Insider tip: ARRIVE EARLY!
 We'll have a few spares at Registration. Try and come early!
T-Shirt UpdateFor those that pre-ordered CanJam T-Shirts please bring cash to pick up your shirt at Registration.  Of course! Everyone coming in will get a badge which can be used for entry/exit for the day (or for 2 days if purchasing a multi-day ticket). You do bring up an excellent point. If there was ever an audio event to bring your non-audiophile friends to.........this is it!!
 Yes, please bring cash if purchasing at the door. You can also purchase via credit card online right up until the start of the show on Saturday, March 28.
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