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Exhibitor Update: 64 Audio, Acoustic Research, The Source AV, THX, and Wells Audio added to exhibitor list! 
 Yes, that's correct. It's one slot per attendee for CanJam Singapore. The system does not limit but we can manually make changes if needed. 
 Thx, fixing!
  CanJam Singapore 2017 attendees will have an exclusive private listening session in a quiet environment! To register for a time slot, please visit the following link: You will need to choose an available time slot as well as provide your CanJam Singapore 2017 ticket number. The HE 1 auditions are on a first come first serve basis, and only one audition slot per attendee, so be sure to get in and register!
Guys, here is the Seminar Schedule for CanJam Singapore sure to check some or all of them out, space is limited to around 40 seats and is on a first come first serve basis! Please note that the Seminars will take place on Saturday, March 11 and will be held in Ocean Room 6 on the Second Floor.     CanJam Singapore Seminar Schedule      Saturday, March 11   2pm-3pm Chord Hugo 2 and M Scaler Technology Masterclass Join Chord Electronics Lead Designer...
 The reserved shirts will be picked up at the Registration Desk and the method of payment is cash. We will have a few extras that will be available on a first come first serve basis in sizes S-XL.
One and the same
 Many exhibitors will offer Show Specials and we will post these next week as well as at the Registration Desk at CanJam Singapore. This event is for everyone that has an interest in music listening not just audiophiles. 
Sony added to exhibitor list!
 We have already placed the T-Shirt order. Let me know if an S will work for you instead.
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