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I am selling a great condition Grace m903 including all original packaging, remote control, and 1.5 years remaining on the transferrable warranty (receipt included). The unit has very minor (and normal) swirl marks on the top plate but is in otherwise, fantastic cosmetic condition. It has been a flawless performer as both a DAC in my main system and when used as a DAC/AMP on occasion. Selling the unit with a Wireworld Starlight USB cable as well as the OEM Grace remote...
 Wow, awesome! Where are you coming in from? I think you can sync the tickets to Apple PassBook using the Eventbrite app, will test this out myself later.
 Thanks man, I REALLY enjoyed your review and office tour impressions of the TURBO X, great job!   I'd be jealous if i didn't have one myself. It's a great product.
Very much looking forward to this! I'm bringing:   DNA Stratus Chord Hugo TT HD800 HE1000 (if they get here in time)
 Awesome! Looking forward to spending time with you guys on your side of the pond!
 Yes, this will be a significantly larger event than the previous meets. In addition to the two large rooms, we will also have some additional smaller first floor rooms as well. It's advised to attend for both days if you have the time and especially if you are going to want to literally take everything in.
Yeah, that's just disturbing. 
Creative Labs and OPPO Digital added to exhibitor list!
 No need to RSVP! Tickets can be purchased at the door as well.
Great write up and pics, Amos. Thanks!  
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