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 Indeed. Congrats!
Wishing everyone who celebrates a Happy Holidays!      Also, there are still a VERY limited number of discounted ($159/night) rooms available from March 26-29, once they are sold out we will not have access to additional discounted rooms. Please reserve by clicking here.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
 Nice!! I continue to be quite amazed by the KH120's, and the m920/TH900 pairing should be fantastic. Yes! Also great with HE-560.
I use Neumann KH120's and have auditioned Focal CMS 40's and 50's., all of which work great. Studio monitors/active speakers are the only way to go here, I also use 2 of these cables, which make nice use of the back TRS connections:
I've been primarily using my Hugo as a standalone DAC in my home rig but yesterday decided to bring the little fella to work and wow, I forgot just how much synergy this guy has with the UERM's. Streaming TIDAL, and listening to the Hugo/UERM combo made for a very enjoyable, albeit somewhat unproductive day. Just too hard to focus on anything without getting lost in the music.
Check what's in the new Gift Guide!   Emotion. Body. Presence. Realism. The Donald North Audio Stratus 2A3 single ended triode tube amplifier is Donald North's foray into Summit-Fi and follows on the heels of the popular DNA Sonett (now in its second generation). The Donald North signature blue powder-coated finish and fantastic build quality makes a true statement and is part of the...
 The original feet that came with my Stratus (#11, 2 years old now) were a lot smaller and gummier than the ones Donald replaced them with. At least one of them used to come off or shift position every time I would pack/unpack the amp to take to a meet. The new ones have held up well so far.
 Looks great!! Definitely like the idea of a killer portable rig as well!!
 Cool, got you down! Love that sock mod too!! 
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