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   Thanks! Here's a larger version... 
It's well worth the wait guys!! (Yay, I get the 2000th post of this thread!)
Stratus sounds bigger and wider, more refined, more balanced, very detailed but non-fatiguing.........Hugo sounds punchy, very detailed, smaller soundstage, can sound a little lean or bright with certain recordings. I think most people would prefer adding the amp with the HD800 but with certain cans, the HE560 being one of them, the Hugo has REALLY good synergy.
I'm running the Hugo as a DAC only with my Stratus/HD800; if running Hugo as a DAC/AMP I prefer the HE560 to the HD800. The Hugo's real strength IMO, is as a DAC only with the portable thing being a bonus.
 Wait, I get to participate in this one finally!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!
Is it just me or does that EML really tower above the Sophia's like that?
I have one of the earlier ones (#11); so for me it's upgraded and the amp is now "current". BTW, when are you getting your Stratus in?
Yay, my upgraded Stratus is coming home tomorrow! 
  March, 2015! Mega, two day event. In the meantime, there may be a few mini meets.
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