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Schiit Audio UK added to exhibitor list!
Eddie Current added to exhibitor list!
Just came back from a fantastic visit to London and the Munich High End Show. Needless to say, this is going to be an AMAZING year for personal audio!   Here is the first group of Exhibitors for CanJam London 2015, with MANY more to come in the next few weeks:   Astell&Kern Audeze Beyerdynamic Chord Electronics Custom Cable HeadAmp Audio Electronics Hifiman Highend Workshop Noble Audio Oppo Digital Pendulumic Questyle Audio RHA V-Moda Westone
Hey! Just sent out an email....we will be in the Tempus Bar at the hotel from 6pm on, this evening. See you later!
Hey guys, we have a very limited number of discounted double rooms available for the nights of July 17 and July 18 (Friday and Saturday night) with a rate of $139 plus taxes. To take advantage of this rate please head over to this link:
 Yes, plenty of space for more attendees! Just let me know if you will need table space.
 Yes, there will be plenty of space for member rigs.  We are inviting everyone to attend including ALO Audio, Creative Labs is already listed as an Exhibitor for this event.
 Yes, absolutely.Tickets will be available for purchase online right up until the start of the show as well as in person at the venue.
Woo Audio added to exhibitor list!
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