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looking to buy these. i've seen them go 140 and shipping on here so 145 shipped is what i would like to pay for them. heatware under zangetsu 203-0-0 :)
any chance you might be coming to san diego in the next day or 2? i wouldn't mind trying them for a sec if you were so i can see if the sound is that much better than my re0's :). always looking for an upgrade :D
still only for trade? :)
quite a nice deal. bump
are they sold?
hard to say. i second trying it
i stretched my shure olives to fit on the re0 and its great :). might be hard to get off though :D
if you change your mind and just want to sell let me know :)
any photos? i'm not pleased with what hifiman sent me. they dont' look like their photos. i got a cheapo version :(.
my re0's sound good with an amp. i have to say its similar to beyer DT770's. maybe my ears just suck :p. not as bassy as my cheapo zune buds for sure but those beat the beyers too haha. i have tehm pretty good in my ears but its not too uncomfortable. going to try the shure olives when they get here. maybe i can find someone to decore them for me thats done it before :D
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