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Please check pm
Thanks.   I have switched it to:-     Did I get it correct?   Although board says 220v, transformer says 115v plus 115v.   Board doesn't state any fuse rating for 230v but I have got a 250v 1A fast blow in it. Do you happen to know what the fuse rating for 230v should be?   With the above setting, I have got output voltage of about 32vdc? Secondary say 9v plus 9v which should give 18vdc. Capacitors are rated at 25vdc. That's too high for the caps and they will...
Recently bought a Loarocco PSR but the voltage setting is for 110v. There is also a setting for 220v but the board markings are confusing to me. Can anyone help please?  
Looking to Buy a used one in good working condition. I am not particular about the cosmetics.   Please let me know what it comes with. Shoot me your offer via PM please.
I am looking for a quad Alpha pot between 10k to 25k, preferably with pcb. Either new or used is fine. Postage will be to Singapore. Please PM me with price.
I am a little concerned that the toriods might buzz; and if its under the amp, the tubes will not like the vibrations. Using additional neoprene bases will certainly help, but may not eradicate the vibrations totally. Best if the transformers are totally quiet and vibration free, but my experience with them have been otherwise. Just a little concerned that the high voltage may pick up the unwanted noises. 
Greatly understand what you are getting at. Keeping it to the solid state for the PSU makes a lot of sense to me as well.   I am really looking forward to this project taking off.
I know people that have given up their dact for the khozmo. I have never heard the Khozmo but was about to buy it but did not due to reading about its problems.. I have consequently gone back to buying the DACT.
If you use RCA you will probably ground the cold portion, which means there will be no signal from the cold. This leaves only the hot to provide the signal, therefore only have half the board pumping up the signal.
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