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Mine is based off of memory, as i bought my X3 after the iMod died, but the difference is pretty clear.  The clarity with the X3 was just a step above.  I don't recall that warmth (in the positive sense) from the iMod, I just felt that it was muddier and not as clear, and the bass impact wasn't as strong and powerful as the X3. I have always had the iPod G4, and I can't tell much of a difference between the iPod G4 and the RWA iMod 5.5.  I felt the mod didn't offer as much...
Hopefully not.I am an album listener as well. Generally listens to the entire thing.I have about 180gb of music in two 128gb cards, so it may be because the dap spends a lot of time and energy looking for the data.Me x3 also crashes quite frequently, esp when battery is low.
I always have a cable plugged into the line out mode so that may have some impact. I'll unplug every time and see if that has a positive impact.No way am I getting 10. The one time I got about 6 hours was because I played it non stop for the entire time. Anytim I stopped I get significantly less time. I can normally play about 4 or 5 hours of play time.I play ALAC files though. Not sure if that makes a difference.
In great condition and original packaging.   Some of the packaging inside is ripped, and I am missing the 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter ( I can throw in a generic one), and the airpline adapter (not sure if it ever had one, don't remember).   Still in great condition.   The only reason for selling is because I bought the Tralucent 1P2 at the same time, and I find I use the 1P2 more since. It still took me a few months to decide, but at the end, need for cash wins...
RWA iMod, but the sticker in the back fell out.   Had that icon of death on the screen, I thought it was the battery, but switched in a new one and still didn't work.  Have two cables, one the iMod cable (with the black gate), which broke previously but fixed (the locking mechanism doesn't work, and another one I put together (with some generic capacitor, in 3.5 to 3.5 cable).  I also have a bunch of those 30pin to female 3.5mm out LOD (used with the 3.5mm cable), some...
 Almost exclusively lineout.  Either to the car, or to a portable amp setup.   I do turn it off, but only through auto turnoff, which I think works.  Not joking at all.  I didn't use the X3 for 2 days, and the battery went from about 70% full to completely depleted.
1) 112950 2) 175590 3) 169817
You have to rockbox the x3. Without rockbox, x3 is pretty unusable. With rockbox, it's an awesome piece of gear. My only gripe about it is battery life. It seems like the x3 still sucks juice even when it's off.
Silver black and gold. I have the black. Someone reported that the gold wears off to silver after some use.
I got the XDuoo X3 a few weeks back, and as mentioned in the post above, there are really no grips of the sound given the price.  I came from using the Red Wine Audio iMod, which was supposed to e a great sounding DAP back in the day, but I can clearly tell the difference in the two the second I heard the X3. The treble is not overly crisp or sparkly, but the mids are smooth and organic, while the bass is full and precise.  The navigation is quite bad, especially given...
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