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I am thinking of eventually moving to a speaker system and use the 717 as well. Just phenomenal sound. I think 80w should be enough for most speakers too. You are right, maybe I'll save up for recapping.
Is it Ok for people to just show up?  Would be nice to have everyone involved, don't even have to bring gear.
So I got a Sansui AU-717, all original parts (not yet recapped) specifically to drive the HE-6.   At first, I didn't have the speaker out to XLR adapter, so I used the phone out, and it was already significantly better than what I had before (Geek Pulse Infinity).  The sense of authority, and extension was significantly better (the Geek Pulse Infinity was a phenomenal DAC, but just doesn't have the power to drive the HE6, and I am still using it as a source to feed the...
Guys. Just picked up a vintage sansui au717 to drive the HE6. I don't have the banana plugs yet but should have them by the meet. That said, I am not likely to bring the stax gig, way too much stuff and the sansui itself is 45 lbs. siding with the HE6 setup because I counting on Bryan to bring his stax gig (hint hint) and want to share a gig that's supposed to bring out the best of the he6
If anybody has an integrated amplifier and a 4-pin xlr (female) to banana plug converter to power my HE6, please bring it along.  I am in search of a vintage amp right now, but damn those things are expensive, I am not sure if I can land a good deal before the meet.
I just got the HE6 about a month or so ago and is trying to get an amp that can drive it properly. The problem is that all I could do was spec hunting and is generally looking at amps with more than 2w output to 32ohms. Currently using the geek pulse infinity SE but is planning to recable the HE6 to balanced to take advantage of the higher power output. Honestly, with the way the HE6 is being driven right now I'd say it's not that much better than the he500. Some amps...
Would be great to meet rhydon in person. Still rocking my diy v4 and loving it.
I used to own the ESP-950, driven from a Stax SRM-001, and the sound was smooth, detailed, and very musical.   I then got the SR007 MKI driven by the KGSS, and the detail is that much better.   The spacing, extension, and details are a few notches above.   That said, my ESP950 + SRM-001 was about $1100 - $1200 combo, the SR007 and KGSS is close to $3000.   I would say I would be perfectly content with the ESP950 if I never heard the SR007, but now there is no...
Please apply by replying to this thread and including the following information in your reply: -Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess: Hifiman HE6, Hifiman HE500 (will likely sell it soon), All aluminum DIY Magnum v4, iBasso iT03, Stax SR007 MKI, VE Monky, Modded T50RP -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess Geek Pulse Infinity, xDuoo x3, Meier Audio Quickstep -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted: Fostex T50RP, Soundaware M1 Ester / Pro -Your...
List of gear:   xDuoo X3 (Rockboxed) with Meier Audio Quickstep iBasso iT03 Geek Pulse X Infinity DIY All Aluminum Magnum 4 Hifiman HE6 Stax SR007 MK1 (maybe, not going to if Bryan brings his big guns to the meet) KGSS (maybe, not going to if Bryan brings his big guns to the meet)
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