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That's ridiculous.   The extension cable is about $15, the stax plug another $20, it's a very simple soldering job.  I just can't justify that $150 price tag.  Realistically, it's $50 max.
All PMs responded.   To answer your question, I would entertain trades, but am not looking to add any cash on my end as I am looking to get cash out of them.   Also, local purchases are welcomed (actually preferred) as I am apprehensive in shipping something in this price range.
Up for sale is a very new Unique Melody Miracle.   This is a custom in ear monitor (CIEM), and as such, you will have to have these reshelled. They are relatively new, and the warranty will still be in effect until May 30, 2014.   Cost of reshell includes visiting a local audiologist for ear molds ($65 to $80), and the reshell itself. I have seen reshells gone for as low as $115, but the best bet is to send these back to Unique Melody for the reshell, which starts at...
Sorry to miss this guys ( and occasionally gals), but wife wants to take the kids to science centre and I actually want to spend some time with he kids too, so I couldn't make it. That said, please count me in for the next one. Really want to listen to somebody else's awesome setups.
Sorry to hear that Bryan.   Take care.
And if anybody is interested, I would consider selling the Miracles.  Life event changes, and I would free up some funds.   Needless to say, you have to have them reshelled.  I had been in contact with UM Australia and was going to send them in for the reshell, but things popped up and I'd rather have the $.  If you are interested, give me an offer, and I would consider it.
Hey guys.  I just got a second hand UM Miracles.  Obviously they are not molded to my ears, but I can still manage to stick it in my ear and listen to them (I know, don't ask).   I am thinking of having them remolded to universals (still thinking about it), but would you guys want me to bring in the custom ones and try to shove it in your own ears and give them a listen before I send it off to UM for remolding?  If the interest is low, I might as well send it off this...
I did a pair of wooden inner sleeve with the Golden metal cups with magnum v4 drivers a little while back for another member here, and I must say the sound is fantastic.  The sound is clear and crisp, and the timbre is just great.   It sounds noticeably better than my own fully woodied (mahogany) v3 magnums.  So good in fact, I am now looking to build a set for myself.
Sorry. Sold.
I asked, he can't make it precisely because of the business side of things.   Tried a few things there, and was very impressed with the He-500, even when it was only driven out of a Fiio E12.  Didn't like the TH900 that much (surprisingly), and really liked the Hegel amp/DAC.
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