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Sweet. Thanks for that. Now it's amp hinting time. As for the he350. That thing sounds like a bargain if it's anywhere even close to the he300
Hi everyone, I need some help in getting another amp for the he500 I used to drive it, along with my magnum v4, with a beta22 (3 channel), unfortunately, someone wrecked my amp in a meet and its rendered irreparable at this point. I want to get an amp or a DAC/amp combo in the $700 range and saw a mytek 192 DSD DAC for sale for that price. I know that is a great DAC but I already have a moon audio 300d so I'm it really looking for another DAC, what interests me is the amp...
I had the alpha dogs once and still have the quickstep. The quickstep will drive it, but it's most definitely Italy not ideal. you have to have a lot of power to drive planars.
I've tried the hd600, 650 and 800, all driven by amps that supposedly drive them well, and I have to say I like them in that order. I never figure out why people like the 800 so much. I just can't appreciate them much ...
Would be awesome.  Hopefully the beta22 would be fixed by then (by Pavel .....) and I can bring my other dynamics and orthos to the meet.
I bought one pair of rca cables from him. Great quality and fantastic build. I was thinking of building a pair myself but why waste the time when it would have cost me more to get the parts?
  Please don't look at the gear, I cycle through things to try, and I usually look for used equipment that I can sell for without significant loss at a later time just to try things out.  Look at it more of a rental with a deposit way of me to look for things. That said, I am pretty much settled on my gear, and the only two headphones I really want to go for are the Grado HP1000 (or anything with blackstar drivers, really), and the HE6.  The HE6  I can see myself getting...
It is hard to say definite. For background.  I had the Miracles for a while that I should have remolded but never did.  While it didn't fit perfectly, I did manage to shove it in the ear for a while and listened to them for a period of time.  I eventually decided not to remold them and sold them as is.The Miracles were clear and crisp, amazing amount of details and sounds ridiculously lively.  It's like listening to sunshine. I then got the Mentor universals, and the bass...
It was a great meet, and the great thing is that on top of the "regulars', we are seeing more and more new faces.   The gear is great as always, and I get to learn something everytime.   Special shout-out to 3E, those plastic boxes were amazing, sounds phenomenal.  Now put it in a nice aluminum case and market that thing!  You owe the world this great amp.
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