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I just got these, and they are in great condition.  The sound is very euphoric, but I prefer the more detailed HE500.   EDIT: I found that there are some white/grey paint like substance on the cable.  I am not sure what it is, but do not want to do anything for fear of making it worse.  Purely cosmetic and minor one at that.  I didn't even notice until I start to really look at the entire headphone in detail.   I also find that they don't really mesh well with my gear...
I just got these, and they are in immaculate condition.   Comes with the pizza box, extension cable, and the 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter.   The new GS1000e with the red drivers, beautifully finished.   Compared to my Magnum v4 (all aluminum), the sound is crisper, soundstage wider, bass is leaner, and much more comfortable.  I can get rid of either, but the GS1000e is more expensive, so I would rather raise more cash for someone who would appreciate them more than I...
Thanks guys for the responses, I guess it may be better off for me either hunting for individual blackstar drivers (seem impossible) or "settle" for the SR200.   But I will always have that itch to get the HP1000, which is probably never going to happen given it's price tag.
That guy is actually me. I made the aluminum inserts purely for the magnum v4 as they were supposedly made with full aluminum in mind.Then it occurred to me that I can use the leftover inserts for other projects, like aluminuming the lower end grados and even the sr200s.It's going to be an expensive project, but $1500 is more expensive than $500.
I have a question in terms of modding an SR-200 or Sr-300. Let's say I can land an SR-200 with black star drivers, will I have an HP-1000 on my hands if I simply put the drivers in an aluminum housing? I love the HP-1000, but the going price is $1500 or so, whereas an SR-200 is around $400 to $500. I don't really care for the lettering and stuff, I just want that sound. But of course, it's still a very pricey decision. Any thoughts?
1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3 =3.5mm 4=XLR
I had a great time guys. And thanks again to Pavel for setting this up A few really good setups. The bottle head crack is a great amp, the he560s are great. Didn't expect to see the Mckintosh and that thing is just beautiful, worth the money just to look at it. Loved seeing the HP1000s again, the k1000s, and the mountains of iems. Damn it. Seems like I loved everything. That's why I'm broke.
I am coming, 99% sure (you never know, things happen).   I will bring:   Koss ESP-950 Stax SRM-01 MKII 3 channel Beta22 amp Hifiman HE500 All aluminum magnum v4 (DIY) Stoner Acoustic UD100 with a Dell laptop Westone UM2 TDK BA200 A bunch of those aluminum sleeves for those who are interested. iMod with Meier Audio QuickStep
I'm a father, this meet is actually my father day's gift (I am serious).
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