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Looking for a set of Hifiman Focus Pads in reasonable shape.
@charliex - Would LOVE to hear the HE-560, although that means I will be lusting after another headphone I can't afford.   It's dangerous hanging around you and listening to your gear.
Congrats on the new wife!  Now more money for keeping her happy, less for keeping you happy :)   Anyways, got the HE-500, saw a good deal and jumped at it.  Will bring that along with the b22 during the meeting.   Now .... I have to get a source, wouldn't mind some recommendations here though (limited budget, I am broke after these two big purchases, thinking of liquidating some gear).
I bought it second hand. There's obvious hiss when the amp was at mute.  I will try to turn on the volume but stop the music to see if there is hiss.   Haven't even checked what the gain is.  I would eventually want to make it a 5x, so I will have to bust it open myself anyways.  I will bring my multimeter along so we can all try to dissect the thing on the day of the meet.   If anyone has an HD650, Alpha Dog (shouldn't have sold mine so early) or the HE500, please...
Hey all, just got myself a beta22, don't really have a DAC (Using a UD100) or nice headphones (All aluminum magnums sound very sibilant on them, the modded Fostex are great, but I don't see those as nice enough) to match up with it, but would definitely bring them to the meet when it's on.
Selling a recapped Stax SRM1-MKII.   Beautiful sounding amp, great for driving low to mid end Stax headphones or the ESP-950.   Pro and Normal Bias outputs allow users to use a wide variety of headphones.  Some normal bias models are actually really good quality, and you save a bundle by using those.   Serial Number starts with "B"   There are some scratches (more like scrubs) on the top of the amp, but only minor cosmetic issues.  The internals are...
Thanks, I think I got it after going though the parts list.  I will test it once I got the unit and see if it is the right gain.
I haven't received it yet, I will repost when I got it in the mail.   What are some of the combinations?   Thanks for the help.
Hi all:   I have the chance to own a 2nd hand b22 for a decent price, but the owner doesn't know what gain it is.   How can I tell what gain the amp is set at?  If it helps, the currently owner plays the HD600 at around 12 to 1 o'clock.   I would eventually want to set it to 5x gain, as I am thinking of having it run phones like HE500, AlphaDogs and such, but what can I do to change the gain?  I have some soldering experience and is not adverse to DIY, but I am not...
June it is then.  Thanks for organizing this.  I haven't been to one in years, and would really love to join.
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