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Please pm me instead.
Yes, you will need to use the original cups.   With they will work with the plastic ones as well.  In fact, I used the plastic sleeves from an SR80 to make these sleeves in the first place.   The idea is that it gives you the flexibility to have an aluminum sleeve and wooden cups, aluminum sleeve with aluminum cups, of however way you want to combine them.
Tried to enter, but I am not allowed to put in a Postal Code (Canada) vs. a Zip Code.
I bought my Pulse Infinity from another member here a few months ago, and it arrived DOA.  Either of us thought it was no big deal because the equipment was under warranty.  I reached out to LHLabs and they said to send it back, and they will even cover shipping up to $40USD, so I did.   I sent it in, had it fixed, and sent back to me, and I asked them about the $40 shipping.  It turned out that since I bought mine off somebody else, the warranty is voided, and since...
Sorry. Keeping the drivers. I'm very happy with them.
I know there is a FS forum, but given this thread is about Grado modding, I thought I'd ask here ... does anyone have a pair of TTVJ flats?  I live in Canada and getting them shipped here is just ridiculous (about $60 USD for a pair).  I don't mind them being used as long as they are in decent shape.  I would want to have two sets but would be cool with only having one as I can swap between my two Grado-like cans.
I used the srm-001 mkII with them for a while and it is a clear upgrade over the e90. I don't really have great ears and even I can tell the difference. You can find that amp her for $350 or so once in a while. I never tried a different power cord or stuff like that. The headphones are so good I didn't let them go until i got the 007+KGSS. It's that good. Btw, the front page reviewer said he got it for $299. That's the best deal in the universe. You can sometimes find...
For sale is a pair of RCA cables I bought from FallenAngel on this site about half a year ago at a meet.  I bought it originally to connect the DAC and my beta22 amp, but unfortunately, the beta22 amp was destroyed in the meet, and I never got to use it even once, so the cable is brand new and unused.   I later bought the Geek Pulse Infinity, so there is no use for an extra cable.   To be clear, these are actually two separate cables, one for each channel.  Each cable...
For sale is a Clou Cable for Sennheiser HD600/650.  The cable is about 9 to 10 feet long ending with a gold-plated 6.3mm TRS plug, and the length after the split is about a foot. The original heat shrink on the left channel peeled off, so I put on my own.  It's a little larger but it works. The cable is solid, and the sound compared to the original cable is a little cleaner, with more separation in the instruments, and I felt the bass is tighter and more extended. I have...
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