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I am checking my junk mail everyday like a lunatic.
Thanks for the tip. Will try it out.
The biggest problem is the tip area as it is just scratching my ears, a little large. That's why I thought a custom eartip will help some what.
So after trying on a number of tips, I settled with some foam tips (I believe they are Comply) and am really liking the sound.  That said, comfort is still an issue and I therefore I am looking at custom tips.   Does anybody know where I can get some reasonably priced custom tips for the 1P2?  I found a few kits online that can allow me to do that but I am very hesitant on the fit, and I am not overly comfortable with stuffing chemicals in my ears, would rather have a...
Not sure if we are are due another meet, but I'd be more than happy to join.   For those interested, I have sold my SR200 (sad, but I actually prefer my own Magnum v4s) and JVC HA-EX850 (Great value for IEM, just didn't really fit my ears that well), got the Pulse Infinity (not sure if I will bring to meet as this thing is notoriously easy to break, but sounds great), Tralucent 1P2, and SE535.
PM responded
I just joined the club, and got the Monk in the mail yesterday.   I went for the expansion pack, but probably shouldn't have because I don't even know how to put those plastic/rubber rings around the earphones.  Instead, I should have just gotten an extra pair.   Man, the hype is real!  These things are great for $5!  I would say they are great even for $50.  I have heard my share of IEMs, and nothing is even close to this for bang-for-buck ratio.   The sound is...
①-Your location, Markham, Canada ②-Your native language Chinese, English ③-Which model do you want to review? M1 Vitality or M Analog or M1 Pro? Pro ④-Headphone(s) you have - Shure SE535, Tralucent 1P2, JVC HA-FX850 (looking to sell), Sennheiser HD600, Grado SR200 with black star drivers (looking to sell), DIY All aluminum Magnum V4, HiFiMan HE500, Stax SR007 MKI ⑤-Music player(s) you have - iMod + Stepdance, Geek Pulse Infinity, iPhone ⑥-Links to review(s) you have...
Sennheiser HD600 for sale.   Just the headphones and stock cable, no box, but will be packaged properly for mailing.   The ear-side foams on the left earpiece is worn out, but the phones are in otherwise great cosmetic shape and functions perfect.   One of the most underrated headphones, extremely comfortable, with a laid back and neutral signature.   I will upload photos tonight.
So I plugged the 1p2 in the geek pulse infinity and the sound was definitely better than the iPhone. Better separation and more transparent but there is still a little veil over the music. Maybe I'm being unreasonable as I'm comparing them to full desktop setups with full sized headphones. Previously, with the spinfits, I actually prefer them with the iPhone over the geek pulse infinity as the .geek made it sound too artificial. On the lookout for the ortofons.
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