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Some really useful data by 'chdloc' over at XDA (not me): 
This is my setup too, getting on for about 1.5 years now.  I've lost most reason to visit Head-Fi now, and my wallet is most definitely happy about that ;D
I found that the charging unit supplied with the N7 to be electronically quite noisy.  Other USB chargers don't have this problem.  I found my N7 didn't have any electronic noise when it was not connected to any USB charger/computer.
Anyone know how the Realtek ALC 5640 performs?  Can't find any information on it :S
I went this route.  It has been an upgrade in every aspect: comfort and sound quality.  Just make sure to get a good amp to power it, sometime.    
Hope it's coming soon.
Probably source of pic:   e: also,   Supposed europe launch date: January 10th, 2012.
Heh I have this setup.  The rationality behind having a sub, is to feel the bass (instead of hearing it).  If you have open headphones (such as HD600's), you will be able to hear any audible bass from the subwoofer, and if not placed in a acoustically treated room, will degrade the bass quality (my boxy room, sounds boxy un-suprisingly, until the bass is not so much audible as it is felt).
What's your antivirus?
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