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Do you remember anything else about the Sonos sounding better on Optical?  I found this in a google search as I was wondering the same thing.   I was actually evaluating a few DACs based on the coax from a sonos connect, and when I switched over to the optical it changed everything.  Sounded much better on every DAC, but I had already returned a DAC for not sounding very good lo:
I am checking out a pair of the Airmotiv 5's... I also have been using Swan's M200MKIII for a while. I've seen a few questions in this thread about comparing them.   I've only got a few listening hours in on the AIrmotiv 5's but I'd have to say they are definetly "different"   The Swan's sound more musical and laid back to me, the midrange pops out a little more, but the high frequencies not  so much. I suspect they roll off a little sooner than the...
I do agree that these are specialty phones and not good as your only pair. I enjoy too much music that sounds terrible on these phones.   Also I only use them on my modded X-can v2 tube amp with X-psu, so YMMV.   That said, there are no other headphones I have heard (HD800's included) so detailed and magical on some recordings, especially female vocals with light instrumentals and Classical. They are also super fun on electronic music but are lacking in the...
Have a DAC-19 DSP mk4 on the way now, intending on using it with my speaker setup (soliloquy 6.5's on a modded musical fidelity A5) but will also check it out on the HD600's with modded x-can v2's... currently using an HT claro and waveterminal 192x card as computer sources, so i'm expecting some awesomeness. will report back
I use MS's WMA Lossless... However what matters more than any lossless codec you pick is the DAE extraction quality from your drive... I find the plextor premium cd burner to do the best job at ripping, at around 4 to 8x. Oh and make sure to use that green pen just for good luck.
I highly doubt it has anything to do with the power supply, but it doesn't happen on my system... Athlon XP T-bred @ 3500+ 1GB Corsair XMS Radeon 9800 XT PSU is Enermax eg851ax-vh 660 Watts, Active PFC, 4 12v rails, EPS compatible, extended atx size extremely steady... I can plug in a SCSI HDD hotswap and the mobo voltages don't drop.
I don't own any CD players except the one in my car, and its too late to go try that... Anyways, Tried it out on a few sound cards... Nvidia Nforce2 onboard has tons of warbley distortion at any volume. SBLive has tons of warbley distortion at medium to high volume, but i still heard it on my etyomics on low levels, slightly... on my second box, the Waveterminal 192X hooked analog to a heavily mod'd Xcanv2 and senn hd600's, plus some other upgrades, It sounded...
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