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The standard tubes (Philips JAN 6DJ8 USA) did sound little bit "too aggressive" to me. I was looking for soft tube kind of sound. The mid range was good, the bass was fast and tight, the sound was not too thin, but just little bit too aggressive (too ROCK, I like softer). So I did order the JJ E88CC tubes and those are little bit softer and little thinner too (mid range). If you can recommend softer sounding tubes with good midrange. I have also tweeter problem, its too...
My NM24 arrived few days ago. The tube-output is amazing even on standard tubes. The soundstage is HUGE. The solid state output is little boring. In my speaker setup the standard tubes are little bit too bright, so which tubes I should choose? JJ E88CC or Ei 6DJ8?
Which are the best tubes for New M24? Is the front panel always black in this new version? Is it possible to change it, if I get other front panel?
Quote: Originally Posted by wower What's so good about the Monarchy M24 to put it in the same league as the Stello??? I don't know yet is it even on same league with Stello, but even used Stello's are out of my budget (>1900$ in here). Friend of mine did say it sounds realistic, life-taste, not sweet / soft enough. I think that cheap audio equiqments sounds offen too "mechanic".
Any new comments?
The Monarchy M24 did cost total less then a $1300 (including shipping and all the customs fees). So I'm testing it first. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by grawk I really like the apogee minidac w/ the sigma11 power supply as a great sounding, flexible dac. Ok, it looks too much tekno
I got PM from this Ori guy. Is his dac good?
Used Lavry will cost more here then new one in your country. I have decided to order the Monarchy M24.
Any other good tube-dacs?
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