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The default power supply bundled with the Dacmini IS the "Premium Stability" power supply. It's a bigger power brick that has a DC connector on one end (connects to Dacmini) and an male IEC socket on the other end (to power cable).   You plug the mains side of an IEC appliance lead to the wall, and the IEC side to the power supply.     This way you've got a truly universal power supply- you just replace the cable!  eg. here's an Australian IEC...
I too ordered the pre-amp version aka variable output mod. And so it is ultra flexible. I've replaced a class A preamplifier and dac and headphone amplifier all with the one unit. Of course I'd pay even more for selectable fixed/variable output, motorized remote volume control, updated form factor (fit current Mac mini), black finish, balanced in/outputs, 10 ins 10 outs, FireWire 800, preamps etc....but then... Hey, that's not a dac mini (and cost 5 times as much)
After a 5 week wait, they've finally arrived.   Worth the wait?   Build/finish- 4.5 stars. Features- 4.5 stars Sound- 5 stars   As a D/A converter, no difference to my Apogee gear. Except not just for OSX, but for Windows, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3, TV, PVR, Squeezebox, CD player...    Let the good times roll...
A $150 printer doesn't even come with a USB cable, and that is a worldwide standard. An IEC power cable is country specific, and costs a few dollars. Chances are you already have one laying around...
Is anyone still waiting for their shipment notification? No news if my unit has been despatched, in transit etc..
Better dynamics, better bass, fuller sound.   I don't have a Squeezebox Boom, but I have a Squeezebox 3/Classic and the headphone output on that is low powered.   Running off an dedicated amplifier, even a simple/cheap one like an Altoids make a big difference because there is a big difference in available voltage swing and power.
Hi,   I'm looking for a coiled cable to suit my Sennheiser HD600.   Does such a cable exist?   I'm not interested in audiophile aftermarket cables. Durability is paramount.
YGPM re: SB3
Hi, I recently had 2 pairs of Koss KSC clip-on earphones shipped to me (WA, Australia) from USA. Arrived in a week, USPS First Class International shipping. Cost was $8. Next week I've got a pair of Shure IEMs coming in from Amazon (US). Shipping cost will be $6. I'll let you know when they arrive. Reasonable shipping rates are available, if companies are able to offer them.
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