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Until you've put at least 100-200 hours on it, don't consider it "broken in".
Just finished running the driver and firmware updates (PC, Win 7).  Smooth sailing, although you'll have to repeat the Sounds setup routine to get the configuration back if you're running hi-rez files.  I still haven't figured out why all lights are illuminated 100% of the time when 192/24 is selected, even if the source material is at a lower rez.
I'm not sure the guy understands the difference between a 192kHz sampling rate, vs a 192kHz frequency response upper limit.  I think this is where the whole article gets into trouble, based on a cursory look.
ME=$300 USD. Krell=$$$$($?); figure the margins.
Since you didn't mention where you are located, it is difficult for anyone to recommend a local dealer.  You are asking for a lot of support from a company with whom you are not currently a customer.  What do you expect?
For most purposes, I would say stick with what you've got.  If you can land K501s in good condition, you will get slightly better midrange, but at the expense of bass.  Unless you're a bass freak, you can't go far wrong keeping the K702's for llistening to jazz (from many standpoints).  An earlier poster suggested a dac upgrade; that's probably the best way to improve the combinatin you currently have.  I'm successfully using teh Meridian Explorer to drive the K701's...
Yes.  Using as primary for home as well as portable at work.  Laptop is the source in both cases.  
What a crock of BS.  The ME is a great product for the price.  I wish people would quit bitching about its shortcomings on paper and just enjoy the product!
I've found the AudioQuest Evergreen and Everest pairing to be a good match; about $30 each (USB and 3.5 mini to RCA stereo pair).
(responding to fuzzyash) Not a problem with AKG K701's.  Listening comfortably right now to symphonic music (Janacek) with volume setting at about 4.5 (out of 10).  Can crank all the way to 10, but this becomes uncomfortable (acoustically).
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