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Hello   I just got the e9 and the e7 but e9 didn't come with the eu plug apaptor. So I was wondering could I use different power supply?   Input 100-230v 50-60hz 0.8A Output 12V -- 2A   Will it break it?
As you dont have a external amp either, you could check out Fiio E9 + E7 amp/dac combo. Comes around 160€ shipped from UK.
Would this be a worthy upgrade for Zero DAC + Corda Arietta. Headphones I own are Senn HD650 and Sony XB500.
Yes, everything but the CD is included. The charger has UK plugs but I have the adapter for EU plugs. I can add pics when I find my cameras charger.
Hi I have the stock ihp-120 for sale, I prefer to sell inside the Europe. I'm located in Finland. It is in good condition, no scratches or marks. Any offers? edit: I'll let this run over the week end.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zhirc Well, my Compass finally arrived last week via EMS... to the Finnish customs. Got yesterday note of arrrival -letter and they're requesting invoice, clearance of the contents and ID. I sent yesterday them via e-mail and got today message (translated roughly from Finnish) "Hi. Unfortunately customs doesn't trust to the Chinese invoices. Do you have some else like pay pal or bank statement etc." Argh. Wouldn't really...
Quote: Originally Posted by oldschool I got this email from Cherry. Guess its because the damaged units some of you guys received. Mine is also shipping with DHL. Not good. Should have ordered earlier
The compass would be just perfect for you but Im afraid it will cost a bit more.
Im probabply going for the jade but the compass first.
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