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One of my favorite music genres trip hop.   Would be awesome to test those cans out
Hi Todd   I ordered the LCD-2's on the 23rd and my order still shows as pending.  I ordered assuming these were in stock.  Are they?     edit:   Just got a call from Todd - my billing address was not matching the credit card. Thank you for fast reply!
Count me in.  Gl everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by Epik Apparently there is a 3 per account limit on these. So one person isn't going to be able to help out all the non-u.s.'ers. 3 per order. just make multiple orders I believe
epic win
songs on itunes are now DRM free + higher bit rate
nuuuuu Wish I was here earlier
cardude purchased an Itunes gift card. Great communication, fast transaction. Thanks!
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