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Like the title says, I'm looking for a Violectric V181 or V200. As long as it is in good working condition, I don't mind if it isn't in great outer condition. I am preferably looking for one from Canada, as I have been hit by ridiculous customs charges in the past. Send me a PM if you are looking to sell!
One of the drivers from my beloved D2000's isn't working, so I'm looking to buy a replacement one. If someone has an extra one or knows where I can source one, please let me know as I sorely miss using my headphones .
Hey,   So my brother - without having any idea what he was getting into - approached me about getting some headphones. Now, normally I'm the one trying to get other people to put down their mainstream, sub-par audio equipment, so naturally I jumped at this chance. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I've done a bunch of research myself, but I've been MIA from the headphone world for quite awhile, so basically I want to consult the experts before pulling the...
Bought these to use with my RP-21, which I sold quite a while ago. $40 shipped.
I bought these a year ago, but never ended up using them. $100 shipped.    
For sale are my AKG velour pads. I bought these intending to use with my Koss SB-40s, but broke them in the process of switching pads, so have never used them. Looking for $40 OBO.
Hey, so up for sale are my equation RP-15 'phones. From an audio point of view these are perfect. However, one of the drivers is no longer connected with the headband. I'm sure there is an easy fix for this, but it has thus far eluded me. So if you wish to try you luck I'm looking for around $20. Next I have my Shure E2C. Only thing wrong with them is the cable. I have done the kramer mod to open up the sound. I will include all rubber tips and some custom foam tips, as...
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