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Im going to toss up my pico amp with dac on the for sale and trade forums today for 350+s/h. If any winnipeggers are interested let me know (no shipping of course :P id jus drop it off) cheers
Thought I'd try here first since we are all in Winnipeg. Was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing my original #504 Pico Amp /w DAC. Put about 150 hours on it when it was being used. Have everything with it, original packing papers pouch etc. Its body is black with red plates front and back.   $400, if anyone is interested or has questions shoot me a pm :)
If I land this new job I'll be done with shift work so any weekends will work for me. *crosses fingers* I'd still be interested in trying gear, and I still currently have my Pico DAC/Amp that's unique (I think) in our group to share.
Does anyone have a usb DAC/Amp below the rank of the Pico I could try out? I'm wanting to see if I can downgrade without noticing a difference (assume I can, using my Phiaton MS400 exclusively now. Love them!).   Thanks   Mythless, I wouldn't mind helping out. Shoot me a pm
Still for sale.
Still for Sale.
Still for sale. Lost contact with buyer
$400CDN Grado HF-2's are #564 B-Stock. I see NO physical defects in this pair and they sound amazing. They've had very little use, <10hours, and around 40hours total playtime. All original packing included (Signed box) as well as a Hosa 1/4 to 1/8 adapter.   Headphones are kept in a pet free, smoke free environment and I am very gentle with my headphones. They are kept on a padded surface when not in use, cables properly coiled. Only owner.   Shoot me an email...
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