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Alright, I'll ask him
Anyone own a pair of Hifiman HE-300 I could demo or borrow for a bit? With the massdrop hifiman he-350 going on I'm curious about their sound before purchasing.
Hey guys, I'm alive. Life got insanely busy. Sorry that I vanished suddenly and unexpectedly when I mentioned I may be able to host a meet some months ago. 
Hey guys, I've been MIA for awhile again. The summers been busy and August is going to be worse. September and on is fairly slow (finally). Any plans being discussed for a meet? I also may be able to put something together in September if there's enough interest.
FYI I have applied for the OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program.
I'm interested in this and agree to the rules.
May or later for me. April is going to be a busy busy month (potentially). Moving to Portage la Prairie first week of April for my new job. Hoping they'll let me take my vacation to Vegas I have planned for my birthday April 16 - 20 haha   Edit: Nvm they loaded this time.
Guess I should have waited a little longer before buying my Bifrost! haha     Edit:   Are there any plans for a meet in the near future?   I'd really like to try out some amps to see if/how the sound changes with my Bifrost. I understand how and why a DAC is going to improve my music but still can't wrap my head around how a amp can improve the sound. (Exceptions being under/over driven)   In the future when I do end up with higher impedance headphones an upgrade...
Ok cool. Thanks for the info Edit: Was supposed to be a response to Armaegis. Not going to bother fixing it from my phone lol Alright, ordered the Schiit Bifrost Uber /w USB 2. Should have all my new gear by the end of the month
Only sources I have at the moment is my laptop/iPod/phone so I'll be connecting with USB. In the past I've been running Foobar2k FLAC to DAC via USB. Seems more praise for Schiit than anything else so I'll be getting the Bifrost soon. I see myself eventually upgrading but first I need to pay off my student loans then I'll get the bigger toys haha. Thanks for the input. Edit: Maybe I should get an amp while I'm at it. Couple threads have mentioned I should use an amp...
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