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I already own the Bifrost Uber. I'd just rather stick with one DAC. Too much money to dabble owning multiples plus I don't have enough space for'em either! I definitely do need a desktop amp though. I still just use my go vibe Martini haha. I always have the option of sending my Bifrost to upgrade it to the multibit as well.
Uhh, I'm alive and still lurking. Sadly the meet date doesn't fit into my schedule (I'll be working). I still haven't made it to one but one day it'll work out. (Honestly, it's better for my bank account this way...the price of a Focal Elear isn't that crazy...)   Saw the talk about the Focal Utopias....$4000...sheesh. How ridiculous of a DAC do you need to make these shine?      Edit: Would the Schiit Bifrost Uber be enough of a DAC for the Focal Elear? (See, I'm...
ATH-AD2000(x) I can wear them all day without discomfort. Many headphones clamp too hard for someone wearing glasses. Some people have issues with their ears rubbing the driver housing.
Think I could come demo them around mid January? I'd want to run them off my Schiit Bifrost Uber and GoVibe Martini. (I really should get a proper desktop amp...)
How do you like the Fostex THX00? I've been tempted to pick up a used pair so I'd (hopefully) have a pair of headphones with more bass.
Alright, I'll ask him
Anyone own a pair of Hifiman HE-300 I could demo or borrow for a bit? With the massdrop hifiman he-350 going on I'm curious about their sound before purchasing.
Hey guys, I'm alive. Life got insanely busy. Sorry that I vanished suddenly and unexpectedly when I mentioned I may be able to host a meet some months ago. 
Hey guys, I've been MIA for awhile again. The summers been busy and August is going to be worse. September and on is fairly slow (finally). Any plans being discussed for a meet? I also may be able to put something together in September if there's enough interest.
FYI I have applied for the OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program.
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