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sony... the mk2 version is coming so you should expect to see the mdr-1rbt going down in price.
local sony dealer that actually specialises in other equipment and just wanted to get rid of them at any price.
any link to that deal?
I have the MDR-1RBT and while very very good... they really don't match up to the PFR-V1 i have which is just really detailed and has a great sound stage...    that being said, you will never see me outside with the PFR-V1, however i'm happy to bring the MDR-1rbt.... mind you, i also tested the mdr-1r (bought it for my gf). But have to little hours on it to really comment on it.   I had tried the ZIK ... I was on the fence about the fit, i generally don't like on ears...
i'm wondering if the cable is sold seperately. I have a mdr-1rbt and the cable that comes with it is just pathetic (and let's not forget sans mic+volume control).   UI was expecting to get a thick cable like the mdr1r has.
Sony MDR-1R Sony MDR-10R
oh great.... i just bought a mdr-1rbt for a nice price... was hoping that the aptx was the only change... seems the case so i'm happy (i don't have any aptx enabled devices so it would have been wasted money)...   now if only i knew how to enable aac on the pc.
just got it for 200 usd.... really great deal (brand new in plastic) from the dealer. I was considering the mk2 but this was to great to pass up.   anyway, does anyone know how to force aac instead of sbc in windows 8?
just my luck. Got one version for the price I was aiming for... even though i was hesitating between de mk1 and the mk2 i think that the price difference is big enough for me to justify going with the mk1... there's just not too much going for the mk2 other than the aptx... however, i currently don't have aptx devices and i have no clue how to force aptx on a tablet or laptop... (i've been looking, trust me, i have been looking).     however, i am curious if someone...
 Supported Codecs SBC*4 , AAC*5, aptX  seems top be supporting aptx
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