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I've found that you can only truly delete tracks when you bring them up by album. When bring them up through a playlist or genre, they look like they are deleting, but they are still really there.
Curious to know which contact enhancement applicator you used so I can apply it to the outside of my player+amp 4-pin connection.Mines been redwine modded so I've had the ribbon cable you see at the bottom replaced with copper litz wire on both the player and the amp sections. I always suspected that that was the cause of the increased amount of detail I was hearing after the mod since the rest of the redwine mod is basically caps to help with current delivery, e.g...
These are the Sine not iSine.     They are the On-ear headphones.  Just got them in today.  Will post pics tonight.
This is not true. Scroll up a little and read post #904 from Rob
These are brand new.  Warranty replacement straight from Audeze.  Unopened.  I will be receiving them tomorrow Feb 21st from Audeze.     This is with the Cypher Lightning cable for iPhones/iPads. These are going for sale since I'm moving on to wireless.     Check my feedback.  Items always as described if not better.  Price Includes Shipping and PayPal within in the USA.   No Trades please!
I was thinking the same thing. Now considering purchasing a blu2+hugo2 vs just the DAVE.
Rob,Thanks for this info. Makes the Hugo2 even more attractive.How many taps are we looking at with the Blu2 feeding the Hugo2?Thanks
The wait is definitely worth it. I've tried all the major cable brands and the DHC cables are truly something special. Noticed an improvement right away. You have to remember that Peter and his wife make all the cables themselves and not thru a team of employees or outsourced. Quality is always consistently good.
 Are the other color options available directly from Abyss or another company?
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