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They have a balanced version, just search " MHDT Pagoda Balanced" on eBay. Sells for $1488 direct from MHDT
Any impressions from the Newport Beach show with the CDM and HE1k?
No hiss at all with my Roxannes when I tested it at Axpona
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Ordered. Looking forward to trying this with the HE1000 I have coming in next week.
Some pics I found on Twitter
1.  Is the connection to the external amp made from a true line out of the AK380? more detail about the 4 pin connection would be great. 2.  Is the external amp dual mono balanced like the ak380?  thx
Posted on A&k's Facebook page, this Absolute Sound article says $3,499 Also talks of cd-rom attachment
Was it an evil laugh?
If anyone is at the show in Munich, can they please confirm if there will be an AK380SS model?   I noticed enough difference in sound (to my ears) between my ak240 an ak240SS to warrant the wait for the SS.
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