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I use only mac and iTunes to tag all my files.
The album art is tagged to each song file in that album and the player reads the tag. This is how I have been getting my album art to display on my ak380, ak240, ak240ss, ak120. I've never used the .jpg in folder method
Ken, are you getting more Mullards?
Not sure yet if I can make it, but if I do I'll bring a AK380 and alo CDM.
And even fewer fully balanced portable tube amps. In fact I think the CDM is the only portable balanced tube amp I can think of.Analog squared paper is the only other company I know that is even thinking of producing a portable balanced tube amp, (tur-08), but that's still in prototype stage AFAIKAll my equipment is either portable or transportable because I hardly spend much time at one place, for example a desk, so i don't own any desktop equipment.I love the sound of a...
Ak380 to CDM is a great combo (fully balanced) to Roxannes/HE1000
What IC are u using?
Fully Balanced setup...best I've heard my Roxannes sound, like full size headphones.  This setup is mostly for the HE1Ks (waiting on my prod set).  I like using the AK380 alone with the Roxannes.     I do want to try a different IC, I think the 8 braid copper might be too much warmth with the tube amp.        Mousepad doesn't get hot with the CDM, you can find them on Amazon.      
My bad, totally missed that. Another option is Moon Audio will re-terminate a stock cable to a balanced connector for $50.
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