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I sent my stock Roxanne cable to Moon Audio to get it re-terminated with the balanced RSA plug.  Should have it back this week.  
Got my custom Carbon Fiber Roxannes last week.  Burned them in for 3 days straight, and I can say they are leaps and bounds above my JH16s that I owned for a year.  I never thought the 16s sounded bright, but next to the uber smoothness of the Roxannes, they do sound bright.  The treble is much better on the Roxannes.  I'm hearing things in the upper treble regions I didn't hear from the 16s.  Seems like the 16s were missing a lot of information in the treble region.  The...
For sale is my custom Whiplash TWcu V3 4 conductor Copper cable from Whiplash.  This is the new Black color (vs. the ugly copper color) copper cable.  It is terminated in a custom ultra low profile RSA/ALO connector.  See pic below of comparison with a regular RSA/ALO plug.    This cable also has the "overmold" connectors that attach to the IEM.  This is just like the stock connector so it does not change the fit of your custom IEM.   The cable works with JH and...
Need someone in the chicago area that can re-terminate a stock JH Audio Roxanne cable to the RSA/ALO Balanced Plug.   Let me know what the labor cost will be.  I will supply the parts.   Not looking to ship out, so only someone local in downtown or suburban Chicago area that knows what they're doing.
I've owned my AK120-B for around a year now, bought the AK240 to compare against, returned the 240, and still enjoying the 120B.  You are in for a treat.
My Roxannes are finally coming next week so these guys are up for sale.    These are the JH16 with Freqphase.  Just over a year old.  Comes with metal round case and stock cable.    (Pictured with optional Whiplash balanced cable with low profile RSA/ALO balanced plug which I will sell separately or as a package deal if you are interested.  Not included in the $600 price).    Always kept in a case when not worn and always cleaned before each use.     SOLD Shipped...
Just got it to compare AK240 to RWAK120-B.   Returned AK240 so don't need this anymore.   Free Paypal and Shipping to USA.  
Tuncurry, I've had the same problem. Issue is Flac tunes. I'm using a new converter now, XLD, and everything is fine now.
Worked like a charm.  Thanks.
I thought I thought I read somewhere this was going to be their last firmware update.  I really hope not. What I wanted was for them to fix the USB 3.0 DAC issue, but that might be high hopes.
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