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With my Roxannes and JH16, I could hear a little difference between the CU and the regular 380 (both using each version of their amp), but when I compared with my Edition X, the difference between the two was a lot more obvious/easy to hear. I noticed way more micro detail and instrument separation with the CU on the EditionX Same goes for a lot of equipment I've compared over the last 8-10 years on head-fi, differences are much easier to notice with TOTL headphones vs...
The Dignis case is now listed on their website. Anyone know how I can get one into the states? http://m.dignis.co.kr/product/detail.html?product_no=124&cate_no=1&display_group=3
I should be getting my modded Cu player and amp back from Vinnie either end of this week or early next. I'll post impressions after burn-in
Just sent my Ak380cu and cuAmp to Vinnie for the Redwine Mods. Will post impressions once I get them back. I've had all my previous AK players Redwine modded and the mods always made them sound better. Excited to hear how the mods sound with the Copper
This is the case I'm waiting for, for my AK380cu+Amp. Anyone have any info on this. Found the pics on Twitter
It's made out of the same material as Wolverine's claws, it must be real!!
I don't think the technology exists yet for a 1TB micro-sd. Also the fact that the seller is brand new on eBay with only 3 ratings makes me doubt it even more. If this was real, we would have read about it on Engadget or Gizmodo
Selling my mint condition Hifiman Edition X.   Usually on the road a lot so these rarely get used.  Freeing up cash for the AK380 Copper that I just ordered.   Comes with case, cables, box, etc as if new.  Cables have not been used as I already had an upgraded pair.   Free Shipping to USA.   Paypal is on the buyer.   Check my feedback --> have recently sold Hifiman HE1000, AK380, etc all with perfect feedback, items exactly as described/pictured.   Local Chicago pickup...
Just posted my AK amp for sale if anyone is interested. Copper amp here I come.
Looks like A&K finally came out with a Copper version of their amp to go with the copper AK380. I just sold my regular AK380 a couple weeks ago, chk my feedback. Wish I had known this otherwise I would have sold the amp with the 380 to the same person. Unfortunately I did not so now just the amp is for sale. Purchased from Moon audio about 4 months ago. Free shipping to USA and PayPal. Pictures to come. $OLD
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