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Thanks guys.  Good thing is I'm 38, so I don't have to rely on parents anymore for my purchases    Though wife approval is sometimes still necessary.
RWAK120-b, rsa f-35, JH16 FP, custom whiplash cables
I'm loving my F-35 everyday with the jh16s fp Amazing that this little amp works so well with IEMs and full size headphones
Hissing is all the time with sensitive IEMs, not just when connecting power plug and that was with the b+ model with the lowest gain set at -3
You know head-fi'ers have to get the last bit of performance out of our equipment from all implementations ; )
Two reasons for me: You can't bypass core audio using optical so all your notification sounds will come through the dac. With usb you can set notifications to go out the computer speakers. I have an rwak120-b and the balanced out only works standalone or when using as usb dac, but not through optical in. I've been using it with the optical in and SE output while I figure out the usb issue
Found on the apple forums that the next Mavericks update 10.9.2 is going to have new USB drivers to fix dac issues for the Haswell MacBooks.   Hopefully the AK120 dac issues will get resolved.  I'll post here once the update is available.
I've spend some time trying to figure out the USB dac thing with my AK120.  It worked perfectly on my late 2012 retina macbook but does not work on my 2013 retina macbook.    What I have discovered is the way the apple has implemented usb on the new MacBooks is what is causing the issue, because my late 2012 had only usb 3.0 ports and it still worked.    If you go to the apple logo, then "about this mac" and then "system report" then "usb" -->  what is happening...
Can anyone with an ak240 and the latest generatin MacBook Pro's (late 2013) check if the usb dac function works. I have an Rwa120-b and the usb dac works with my late 2012 macbook retina but not with the late 2013 macbook retina.
Great deal on a cable I barely used.  Didn't like any of the LCD series so I'm strictly sticking to IEMs now.   Both cables are in perfect condition with not much use on them.  Purchased Sept 3, 2013 for $350 (have all receipts for proof).   Cable is 6 feet in a 4-pin XLR termination and also the adapter cable that goes from 4-pin to ALO/RSA balanced amp termination.     Paypal and shipping are free within the USA.
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