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My computer speakers are Audioengine A5s. Pretty decent for fairly cheap self powered stereo sound.   The front room has JM Labs Cobalt 826s. I like them a lot and great an amazing deal on them.
I just recently switched from a BB Storm 2 to the Moto Droid and I love it. I almost never use the physical keyboard on it and the screen is amazing. I am disappointed in the battery life, but I think the majority of that is me using it all the time. It is honestly probably the best phone I have ever used/owned. I really like the Nexus One but I just don't think that it is ever going to hit Verizon so I am out on it.   I tried out the HTC Incredible and it is a...
My card company called me yesterday to ask about $8000 in charges that didn't match my usual. I had used that card on monoprice in late Feb, early March sometime so I am assuming that it was stolen from there. Honestly though it could have really been from any website out there that I have used. Either way Discover is taking care of all of it, which is the nice part about using a credit card. EDIT: Just saw this on the monoprice site: Notice Information Regarding...
I picked up a paif of A5s a few weeks ago and I love them. I have never heard the A2s so I can't really compare the two of them but I am glad I went with the larger 5s just for the extra bass. They don't really take up that much room on my desk but if you don't have a lot of area them might be a bit large for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raguvian Losi Micro Crawler I picked up one of those last year and they are pretty fun for playing around in the front room on crappy days. They even do pretty decent outside, quite surprising for the size.
Double Post, sorry.
I have purchased from these companies and found them awesome: Woo Audio Blue Jeans Cable Audio Advisor Oppo Digital I have not purchased directly from NAD but I contacted them with some questions about my T785 and the person I talked with was awesome. It will keep me purchasing their products.
I really wish I could have made this, the pictures are great. The weather over the pass was pretty crappy Saturday morning and I decided I didn't really want to deal with it at all. I really hope to make the next one though.
I have actually been trying to decided between these two speakers and I am still unsure which one to purchase. I don't really want to have a sub in my computer room anymore so I am thinking that the A5s might be the way to go, it is just a big decision though. No matter what either of them has to be a huge upgrade from my Z680s.
I am up skiing or snowboarding at least once a week, the major advantage of having a bunch of resorts all within an hour of home. This season has been pretty good so far and everyplace around here just got some fresh this weekend and more expected tonight and throughout this week. I have never seen anybody on one of those mono things, they look crazy. I might have to check one out. I tried out some snow skates this year for the first time, they were interesting, not my...
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