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Sorry for being such a 'Noobie" here, but what the heck is with all this bumping? What does it mean? BTW, if that amp was a 100 smackeroo's cheaper, I'de buy it!
Drop him a line at...... He's a real great guy to talk to and very easy going. He will get you lined up with what you need.
Quote: Originally posted by dd3mon Yes. Finding an unknown giant killer seems unlikely, especially in the inexpensive sector. -dd3mon I would definantly try to contact James Hess at MagWires. He usually posts his interconnects on AudioGon for amazingly low prices. Not to mention that his cables are some of the best I have heard. Just recently, I replaced $1200 worth of Kimber, Cardas, LAT Interconnect, Analysis Plus, IXOS and MIT cables with...
Hi, I'm looking for a head amp. Do you have any pics to post of the amp? Also, is this amp a DIY unit or is it something in the lines of the HeadRoom amps? Do you have any specs on it? Freq Resp, S/N Ratio, I/O inpedence, etc... Thanks
Hello! I'm new here but I would like to say a few things about myself and Jim Hess and his wonderful MagWires. First off, I would like to say that I have been bitten by the "headphone bug" once again! (Born-again!) I used to listen to cans all the time in my younger days. Since my parents wouldn't let me blast my music throughout the house, my dad gave me a pair of old Koss Pro/ 4AAA cans which from I recall sounded pretty good at the time. I was around 8 or 9...
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