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I used to have a Trek 820 or 870, can't remeber now. Anyway, it was a hybrid with different gearing front and rear, hi-po brake pads, carbon-fiber rims with "street slicks" tires from Continental, and a bunch of suspension add-ons and tweaks. My brother up in Niagara Falls, NY has it now and never uses it. I should have him ship it back down to me. I miss that bike alot, plus I could stand to lose a few pounds. Anyway, I think I bought that bike stock for $270 new....
Quote: Originally posted by cary these look like just what i've been looking for. for you all who have these ic's, how flexible would you say they are? i'm looking for kind of a long run, which needs to wrap around before reaching my monos... greetings, btw, been lurking around for quite a while b4 signing up... Greetings! I also lurked around for a bit before signing up! Anyway, the Nakeds are not overly stiff, but they're not super flexible...
I know I'm new here, and this has nothing to do with feedback, but...... I have been searching through the "Gear for Sale/Trade" forum from time to time. If I see something I'm interested in, I make sure it doesn't say SOLD anywhere, then I either PM or e-mail the seller. Well, I have contacted 4 different sellers so far, all of which have already sold their gear, but never modified or updated their thread. It gets very frustrating after about the second time,...
Do you still have the Corda HA-1 for sale? If so, what is the new price? Most likely, I will buy. Let me know. Thanks.
Do you still have the Corda HA-1 for sale? If so, what is the new price? Most likely, I will buy. Let me know. Thanks.
A very good test cd is "Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land". The music might not be to your liking, however, the content will give your equipment a real workout! Check out this review of the cd and judge for yourself..... TNT Audio...... Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land
I'll trade you my Sennheiser DSP 360 head amp for it! lol I know, sorry, bad joke.
Sorry for being such a 'Noobie" here, but what the heck is with all this bumping? What does it mean? BTW, if that amp was a 100 smackeroo's cheaper, I'de buy it!
Drop him a line at...... jameshess24@hotmail.com He's a real great guy to talk to and very easy going. He will get you lined up with what you need.
Quote: Originally posted by dd3mon Yes. Finding an unknown giant killer seems unlikely, especially in the inexpensive sector. -dd3mon I would definantly try to contact James Hess at MagWires. He usually posts his interconnects on AudioGon for amazingly low prices. Not to mention that his cables are some of the best I have heard. Just recently, I replaced $1200 worth of Kimber, Cardas, LAT Interconnect, Analysis Plus, IXOS and MIT cables with...
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