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Not sure. I think they might be older, but I was thinking more about the cable that comes with them. It looks to be the same as on the 580's and 600's. And for 14 bucks, I might just get them and make some DIY cables.
SOLD! Thanks everyone for looking!
Sale Pending....
Real nice head amp! That Cary Audio gear in the background isn't bad either!
Stock for now. In a couple of weeks, maybe I'll get some Cardas cables. What I really want though is to get me hands on a pair of those stupid little connectors and have Jim Hess @ MagWires build me up a pair of nice wires for my HD600's.
Quote: Originally posted by Duncan Chops... No bass?? Wow... either those drivers are seriously fried, or the cans are faulty... that sure doesn't look like a description of the V6/7506 that i've ever seen before Sorry, I meant muddy bass. Leave me alone, I'm still half asleep! lol
I must say, my crappiest pair of cans are a the Sony MDR-7506. Not only are the eap pads falling apart, but they just sound butt nasty. I bought these things a few years ago thinking if they are good enough for studio use, their good enough for me. Yeah, right! No bass, thin and distant midrange, and harsh treble. Maybe these are the cans Madonna's producers are using now! lol On the other hand, my Sennheiser HD600's are the cream of the crop!
Quote: Originally posted by geepondy I will look around a bit more but most likely by Friday night or Monday morning at the latest I am going to buy the Sennheiser HD-580s for $162 at Amazon unless I find a better deal but this seems very good. I am assuming that absolutely, it will be a big step from my HD497s and that the HD-600s do not offer much more sound quality for over a hundred dollars more. Amp will have to be later but it seems the headphone jack...
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