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Source: dCS Verdi SACD/CD Transport dCS Elgar plus 24/192 - DSD D/A Converter dCS Purcell 24/192 - DSD Digital Upsampler ELP The Laser Turntable Power: PS Audio The P1000 Power Plant Interconnects: MagWires Ultra with Bullet Connectors Amp: HeadRoom BlockHead with Stepped Attenuators Cary Audio Design CAD-300SEI Intergrated Amp Headphones: Sennheiser HD 600 Sennheiser HD 650 Sennheiser HEV 90
The Sennheiser HEV 90 & HE 90 combo. aka ....... The Sennheiser Orpheus!
Quote: Originally posted by Nightfall Okay, having had my SLI-80 for some months now, I will open this up and ask the gurus amongst you what tubes I should be considering upgrading to in an effort to increase the sound quality to a yet higher level. Please advise me, oh ones with tuberolling wisdom. Thanks. I know NOTHING about this area and truly need your guidance. JC I would definantly try replacing those stock "chrome-domes", pre-amp...
My friend has the Cary 306/200 cd transport followed with the SLi-80, and all I can say is that it is awsome! His was modified at Cary with the upgraded caps and resistors. Once he recieved it, he replaced the stock 6SN7 tubes for some Electro-Harmonix 7502 tubes, (I think that's the right #??). Also replaced were the stock KT-88s for some KT-90s. Those could even be replaced with some EL-34s if desired, though with a little less output. But who cares?!..... If you...
Hmm.... This kinda sucks.
Just listening to Diana Krall's "Love Scenes" on DTS DVD-Audio. On track 5 "They Can't Take That Away For Me", at 2:01 into the song, you can clearly hear an "editing burp" in the recording. At 2:02, you hear a slight click in the right channel, and one second later, you hear the burp of the piano over the final recording. I just thought it was kind of funny to hear that. If you have this album, check it out. It is actually a very good sounding recording.
Why not stick with HeadRoom and go with the Total AirHead? Besides, they are on sale right now for $150.
Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.
Here's another free bump for a very respectical set of cans!
I just had the chance to try both the Beyer DT880s and Senns HD600s side by side over the weekend. Here's the link to my review of the older HeadRoom Cosmic vs the newer Cosmic Reference and the HD600s vs DT880s. Take a gander at it and see what you think. I have been told that my review was very fair, which I wanted it to be anyway.
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