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Quote: Originally posted by tortie Checked out the site guys. Are these the "nakeds?" The wires seems small in the picture... edit: Jim clarified my question with this reply: "the wire I use in the Nakeds is #17 copper magnet wire. It's actually very large for an IC, it's all wire and very thin insulation (.002")" That picture of the Nakeds is actually the very ones I have. Since Jim was making me 7 pairs of them, he decided to update his old...
Quote: Originally posted by hedonist My magwire nakes just came. Good build quality, good sound, unbeatable price. Plus the seller shipped very fast. Told you!
1) Rotel 2) Parasound 3) -- 4) -- 5) -- 6) Adcom
Personally, I would have gone with a HeadRoom Total Airhead or a used HeadRoom Supreme, both of which you can find for $200 or less these days.
I've got a pair of Maggie MGLR 1 loudspeakers and find that the HD600s compare pretty good to the Maggies. Both are very detailed, accurate, and revealing. Both of them will quickly let you know if you're listening to a good recording or a bad one. If anything, because of their dipolar design, they will be a better match to the Maggies than anything else, except something like the AKG K1000s.
I have only heard crossfeed processing in HeadRoom amps. Eventhough the other ones might be good, I prefer to go with someone who has been addressing this issue for years through R&D and has the proper test equipment and techniques of measuring and fine tuning the end results. Just my 2 pennies!
No one?!
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I've got two more things to add to the list of goodies!!!! The first one..... B&W CC6 Center Channel speaker. This one is practically new since it was hardly even used. It has 4 binding posts on the rear for either bi-amping or bi-wiring. Asking price is $200 firm. And now...... Infinity Reference Standard 6 KAPPA loudspeakers with original matching stands. These speakers are in excellent condition and sound great. On the rear, there is an adjustment for the...
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