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  I'm really looking forward to coming home this evening after work. My Mad Dog's will be sitting there waiting for me, as well as possibly my FiiO E11. I'm hoping this amp stacks up well compared to the two mentioned in the quoted post above.   Is it 6 o'clock yet?!
A little late to the conversation, but since I just ordered the $299 Mad Dog's Thursday evening (should be here Monday), I figured it would be alright for me to respond to the questions above.1) Comfort... To me, this is a biggie. When I sit down to use my cans, I listen for literally hours on end, so comfort plays a huge roll for me. I used to have a pair of Grado sr325is', both with the stock pads and 1000 pads. The stock ones, I could only use them for about 30 minutes...
Just another update, I ordered the E11 with extra battery and charger. Also got the 20" LOD cable. I like to have a little movement slack.   Thanks again for all of your help! I really appreciate it!
  The E11 it is then. BTW, I just ordered the Mr Speaker's Mad Dog with all the goodies.
  Well if that's the case, then why not save a few bucks and go with the E11 instead? I don't plan on using my laptop at all.
Thanks again! I'll check those cans out shortly.   Now I'm also looking at the FiiO E17 since it is supposed to have the sound signature I'm looking for. So how do you go about using the DAC in them? All I'm seeing are iPhone plugs to 3.5mm stereo plugs. All of these adapters are just delivering the analog output of the LOD, not the digital signal to be converted in the FiiO's DAC. Am I missing something?
Hi there and thanks for the recommendations.   I guess what I'm looking for is a little more "relaxed" sound with a little more oomph on the bottom end with a more solid, up front midrange. Think of the Senn HD600 or HD650's with stronger bass energy. I want the amp to be able to extract more information from the source, hence having the built in DAC.   I suppose after thinking about more, the Sony's and LDM+ combo is rather sterile and/or analytical.   Does...
I didn't know where to post this exactly as it's about upgrading my headphones and amp...     I haven't been on here in quite some time, but have recently gotten back into headphone listening and am considering doing some upgrades, but want to see which upgrade path to take.   By looking at my signature below, you can see what I have. My focus for this thread is the Sony cans and LDM+ amp. The other two are pretty much put on the back shelf for good as far as...
Still going strong today, although I'm not. Home sick with some kind of stomach flu or something. It's not pleasant at all, but good sounds ease the pain. And our kitty approves!  
It's been quite a while since I've been on here.   Anyway, we're about to move and I just happened to find my old Little Dot Micro+ that I packed away some 4-5 years ago. Just for the heck of it, I turned the knob and sure enough, it fired right up! For the past four nights, I've been listening to it with my trusty Sony MDR-7506 cans for about an hour or so in bed, and today I had it playing since 1pm to about an hour ago, about 6:30. Mind you, this is still off of...
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