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I'd avoid Grado's at all costs. Go with the Sony's, and also check out the KRK's. I've been told they do good with the music you listen to... http://www.amazon.com/KRK-KNS8400-Studio-Headphones/dp/B004ARUO2S/ref=sr_1_22?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1353604120&sr=1-22&keywords=headphones
If the headphones are demanding enough, a "speaker" amp would provide plenty of dynamic power and headroom, more than you would ever need. However, it seems that the HE-500's don't need tons of power, so a regular, good quality headphone amp should do fine.
If I were you, I would seriously consider the AKG K701's. From what I remember, they are more like a studio monitor than any of the others mentioned so far, including the Sony V6's. They have plenty of clean, clear midrange and treble, though they were a little lean in the bass, but then again, so are studio monitors. Don't get me wrong, the bass is there, but it's not in your face like some of the others. And it's tight and detailed bass too. Just expect it to start...
This is weird... I just fired up the E11 this morning with the Mad Dogs and now it sounds fine. So much so that I decided to match the levels with the LDM+, and swap back and forth several times with different music. Now the E11 sounds the way it should. How this is possible compared to what I wrote yesterday is beyond me. Just like that, the entire sound of the E11 has improved drastically after the second battery recharge. The bass has leaned out a little and...
Of course, I can't find the thread now, but a forum member spun some aluminum cups for his along with some tan/brown leather and used the LCD-2 pads, also included 4 small bass ports per cup for tuning with different pads.
I notice the LDC-2 pads look somewhat similar to the Stax pads, and they go for $80 a pair. I wonder how they compare.
I just did a small write-up in the Portable Amps forum comparing it to the LDM+.
I recently purchased and received a new pair of Mr Speakers Mad Dogs with all the options as well as a new FiiO E11 amp with extra battery and charger. After putting a full charge on the stock battery via USB, I've gotten a total of roughly 9 hours out of it. That's with the amp set to "High Voltage" and "High Gain". The bass EQ has been left off. The volume has been between 5 and 6 most of the time, sometimes up to almost 7, sometimes a little below 5. The LDM+ is just...
Thanks for your input. I may just give them a try if I find a pair somewhere at a decent price. I wonder if Dan ever tried them.
And you have directly compared the Stax pads to the latest leather Dog Pads?
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