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There are a couple very good reasons to change to a better cable. Example : If you have a tube  headphone amp with no global feedback and a some what low dampaning factor a factory cable of maybe 28awg. may sound grainy and not do a very good job controling bass. I like Canare star quad cable 21awg for cables up to 20ft.   One more good reason is cable extentions should be avoided if possable, it is better to have one long fat cable of for example 20 ft. than one...
Small sound stage, Ha Ha ha Ha those Superex1968 ST-PRO B have an huge sound stage unless the foam in the ear cups has rotted away leaving the bowls close to your ears, they are well known for having a very expancive  sound stage.
Dose anyone know what op amps the Little Dot DAC1 uses and how menny? Any suggestions for replacements?
Both the Little Dot DAC1 my personal choice,and the Cambridge Audio DAC majic use that Wolfson chip. You will get more for you money with the LD DAC 1in my opinion.
  Brilliant... This is most likely the best argument for differences I have ever read. Differences procived by the listener that is. Thank you for putting it in simple terms.  
I seriously think I may have found just the thing for all you Japanees cartoon lovers,there are so menny styles and color combos,and they are easily driven by portable players. They seem to be a serious headphone and not a joke.  
Godzilla vs. K-on. Well mabey not,but this is real japanees intertainment at it's best.
Try these
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