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I know! I know! I can't believe I am doing it. Maybe no one will want them and I will HAVE to keep them 
Thought I post here but I put them for sale on the FS/FT forum. I am gearing up to sell my Grado RS1i (no button model). They are in mint condition with about 200 hours. They come with the original box. If you are interested, PM me.
Just received my Stratus loaner (in queue for July delivery). I'm absolutely floored. I don't even know what else to say.. I feel like I lost my virginity all over again
Stop by anytime. I also have grado rs1i and ps1000 if you want to check those out too. Going to sell either the ps1000 or rs1i soon. I also have a DNA Audio Stratus demo unit on its way. Plenty of high end gear to check out.And I agree. The prices are going up on these but at under $300 it Is still tough to beat the value of these amps.
 Turns out my dad had a 2230, had to snag it. I'm with you regarding headphone pairings with the 22x0 series. I want to say the 2220/2230 prefers high impedance headphones but i'm not positive. My HD800 sound great. My DT770 600 ohms sound okay. I have not tried any of my Grados yet but plan to this week. Overall, I really have not done any a/b comparisons with my Woo WA7 so this could all be in my head but I really think I prefer the 2230 over the WA7 for my HD800. Bigger...
I acquired a Marantz 2230 for my Thorens turntable and I have to say my HD800 sound fantastic out of the 2230. I have yet to try my Grado's..   What is the general consensus around here regarding headphone impedance and older Marantz stereos?   I'm considering adding my Woo Audio WA7 or DNA Stratus (when it arrives) to my turntable rig to use with headphones, but not sure it is worth it if the Marantz sound is that good. Else, I am going to sell my WA7.    Any...
Wow, great info guys! I am definitely considering selling the WA7 and WA7tp (and dacmini) for a better dac as an option. Or perhaps moving the WA7 and WA7tp to the bedroom or living room to be used with my home theater for movies, music, and games.    Can someone describe how a pre-amp impacts sound quality? I do not think I fully understand it. If I were to hook up the WA7 to the Marantz via lineout/tape, would the Marantz be acting as a pre-amp?   The dacmini dac is...
I am doing some gear juggling and trying to figure out what can fit and what might need to go. I am waiting on a delivery of a Thorens turntable with a Maranz 2230 receiver (which has a very respectable headphone out) for my records and I am also waiting on delivery of the DNA Stratus for my HD800. That leaves my WA7 in limbo. Short of selling the WA7, how can I use it to improve the sound quality chain for my Headphones setup or Vinyl setup.    Vinyl Chain Thorens TD...
I am looking to purchase a turntable. It can be modern or vintage, just needs to have great sound, include upgrades and be in great condition. Not looking for anything in particular so shoot me all offers. But do know I am looking for something with excellent sound, so no modern $500 turntables. 
Has anyone had bubbling issues with the chrome on the PS1000 cups? I have a bubble spot on mine and it is very annoying to look at
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