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So what is more important? A external DAC or external AMP? I can't decide between the EF2A (comes with a dac) and the little dot i+ (and get a dac later)
I would get a pair of modded t50rps   Are there any other closed headphone options that would be pair well with a receiver?
How is the DAC on the2013 macbook? If I bought the little dot, would a DAC be necessary? What is more important, a DAC or Amp?
I am looking for closed headphones for gaming and movies. I will be connect the headphones to my Denon 1910 receiver which probably has a very high impedance output   How do the T50rp mods and DT770 compare in terms of:   1. Soundstage 2. Bass impact 3. Bass accuracy ( I hate big shallow bass ) 4. Mid-Range 5. Highs ( I don't want metallic highs)    Any other high impedance options or headphones that will pair well with a receiver?
That is great info. Thank you   How does the T50rp ZMF and Mad Dog mods compare to the DT770?
Are the DT770 the only worthwhile high impedance headphones? I would only want to lower the impedance output of the receiver to have more headphone choices...
Here is a link to the ef2a amp + dac combo   Does anyone know anything about it?
Hey PurpleAngel - I started a new thread since the topic has gone from gaming headphones to high impedance headphones.  MODS PLEASE DELETE or LET THIS THREAD DIE
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