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Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen Thomann webstore has them, and ship them to the Uk: ULTRASONE PROLINE-750 - U.K. International Cyberstore Arn't those the prolines? I think he was looking for the PROs.
I have these headphones. Very good for electronic ive found.
Extreme Isolation EX-29 are good drumming headphones.
Ah ok. Well the RS-1's are a little out of my price range anyway. Thanks anyway.
Kent. Why do you ask?
What the Grado's or the Senns? The Senns had 300+ hours on them.
Sorry i'll change the first post. I'm using computer as source and for the time being my amp and dac will be Pico with DAC. Budget for headphones is about £250. So no more than the 325i's.
Thanks kontai. Ok i will scratch the 701. Forgot to mention budget is £250 or about $400. So the RS-1 and GS-1000 would be too much.
Hi there, i'm looking for some recommendations for some new headphones. I just got back from comparing the Grado SR225 with my Senn HD650s. The CDs i used were both some form of metal as this is the music i mostly listen to. I used... Nile - Ithyphallic Tool - Lateralus The system i compared them on was... Source - Arcam CD37 Amp - Arcam A38 The 650s were very noticibly less aggressive. They were definatleey more neutral sounding. They didn't have the same attack...
What about the Beyer DT880? Can anyone recommend them for metal?
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