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Manitas de Plata.
Try "Well Tempered Clavier"; piano etudes. Lots of recordings of this Bach keyboard primer.
I don't believe the danger is in listening too long but in listening too loud. I have some hearing loss and mild tinnitus and was a little reluctant to get in-the-canal phones. An audiologist and my otolaryngologist each advised that it was decibels that jeopardizes hearing. On the strength of that, I bought a pair of E-4Ps and have been using them nearly every day for about a year without exacerbating either the hearing loss or the tinnitus (I get a hearing test...
Like swalker, after about 6 months of use, I had to replace one of the drivers of my 4Ps and I could detect no difference between the old and new. I did notice a marked improvement in the sound after about 3 months that I'm inclined to attribute to the brain "burn-in" pspivak refers to: I got used to having something in my ear canal, and the silicone tips I couldn't tolerate for more than 30 minutes became comfortable; I stopped missing the bass references I'd been...
Diana Krall, The Look of Love
Manitas de Plata
I was advised by an ontalaryngologist, and an audiologist from Etymotics that there is nothing intrinsically dangerous with in-the-canal phones. (I have tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear and was concerned about exacerbating the problem(s).) Assuming reasonable hygene, injury to the ear comes from listening at high volume and this can come from any type of headphone. What's too loud? If it's uncomfortable, it's too loud. If you want to get a better sense of what...
It took nearly a year, but I too succumbed to the Etymotic's siren song and bought the ER-4Ps (I'd been happily using Sony's 7506s, nice cans in their own right). The occusion and the neutral quality of the ER-4Ps sound took some getting used to, but now Id' replace them without hesitation if i had to. It's hard to beat the 4Ps and the iPod - portable, well designed; one of the best unamped match-ups for the iPod there is. Get them from a place that has a good...
Try TeKServe (a great Apple store) on 23rd Street. They're between 6th and 7th I think, ground level.
Allison Krauss + Union Station Live
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