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Zana Deux owners and past owners know the True Guru lives in California and goes by the alias -Craig Uthus! The treated system continues to impress me. It would be quite informitive to compare my system to a non treated system and a Balancing Act system. On the question of treating CD's, this is a major improvement for both regular CD's and Sacd's. I would recommend that USA  head-fiers send your favorite 7.5 pounds of CD's to be treated (At Cryogenics...
I have enjoyed my Zana Deux # 17 for over one year. I rolled the tubes, upgraded the umbilical cord, tried various power cords, and power conditioners. The final system sounds wonderful. Marantz SA11-SA1- AudioQuest Cheetah innerconnects with 144 volt DBS system, Zana Deux with Valvo or Ultron 6SL7GT driver tube, Stephan Audio Arts umbilical cord, Sennheiser 650 phones with Stephan Audio Art cord, Black Sands Violet power cord to the SACD player, and an Alan Meyer studio...
Update concerning Audio Magus. I had read the past bad dealings of Audio Magus at this forum. Audio Magus is a different company than in 2009 when it imploded. Sacha Kuettel runs the company and is easy to contact at 1-866-808-9567 or via E-mail. I wanted a King Rex Power Supply Unit that was configured to work with an Acoustic Revive-77 generator. Sacha talked to me directly and I received the unit quickly. These King Rex units are built like tanks, and I am very...
PayPal sent today. Sorry for the delay.
I will take it. Iwill check my E-mail tonight for your PayPal info to send your money. Good Listening.
I will take it. Thanks. I will check me E-mail tonight or just give me a call. Glad to pay for shipping by Paypal or USPS money order. [mod edit]I don't think you want that information posted on a public forum.
When listening to a Zana Duex amp what we are listening to is A/C from the wall that is converted to D/C and then modulated by the music source. Therefore the nature of the A/C entering the ZD is critical. At my first location for the ZD ,the A/C ran through a PS Audio Premier Power Regenerator. This is one proven approach. Nice quiet background- an improved sound over straight from the wall. Currently the ZD is in a different room. Here I am using Alan Maher.com CBI...
To Kevin, Have you had a chance to try the Isoclean fuse? David Pritchard
Bob reminds us that those VT-229 tubes can sound quite nice. Plus these tubes were often dated in the 1940's. Mine is a Jan(Joint Army Navy tube) dated 1944. Very special feeling having those electrons released from their slumber of 45 years to drive my music signal. My tube was made the year my Uncle was being torpedoed while on a Destroyer in the Pacific. Maybe the ships's sonar unit had a bad VT-229 tube! Good listening to all. David Pritchard
Nor_Spoon P.M. sent David Pritchard
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