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In my Marantz SA11-S2 SACD player I found the Synergistic Research fuse to an improvement over the Isoclean and Furotech fuses. In my rig the SR fuse gave a more open sound. More detail across the frequency spectrum. The Isoclean was darker but better than stock.
Replace the stock power fuse with a Synergistic Research fuse for a significant improvement. It made a good improvement to my Zana Deux amp. Available from Scott Walker Audio, The Tweek Geek, The Cable Company, and other vendors- $59.00 well spent.   David Pritchard
I love my Sennheiser 800's. They have been further improved with the addition of the Double Helix Silver-R Clone cables. They were then taken to another new world of great sound by the following: The cables were sent to Synergistic Research and "Quantum Tunneled" this gave a marked improvement in openess and greater detail- a worth while $100.00 investment. The latest improvement was the application of WA- Qunatum Chips-Transformer Model ( go to Audio Tweeks...
I have the Sennheiser 800 headphones powered by the original Zana Deux amp. It is a wonderful combination. Buy any of the Eddie Current amps used. Take the money you save to get a better headphone cable- like the Double Helix Clone in copper and still be in your budget to buy more music!
For the Sennheiser 800 I can enthusiastically say get the copper clone or if you have a big budget the silver clone. I have had both and both are a big upgrade. David pritchard
I just returned from the Newport Beach audio show this weekend. The StaxSR-009 mated to the Eddy Current electrostatic amp was truly a revalation. This is a perfect match. Best of luck on your audio quest.
Kenny, PM sent. David Pritchard
PM sent. David Pritchard
Questions for Parrots- How much did the metal analysis cost performed by the certified lab? How long did it take to get the results back? Questions for Whiplash Audio- Why is there nothing on your website stating that some cables are not as advertised and what steps the owner's of the V1's can take to correct the problem? How many different spools of V1 wire was sent to you? Do you know when Lee stopped testing wire for correct purity? Did you know that the wire was...
The SAA umbilical cord mentioned above is a nice upgrade. Perhaps like trading in a V-6 Mustang for a V-8!  Stock the Zana Deux is great but with the improved cord it is just a little more enjoyable. I have really been enjoying my ZD #17 since I had it treated by Cryogenics International, Scottsdale Arizona. The cryogenic treatment improved the soundstage and lowered the floor noise. Not evey tweek is better. I put the amp on a 3 inch thick mapple butcher block and this...
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