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I have the Synergistic Research Headphone Optimizer Transducer (HOT) in my dedicated headphone system. Senheisser 800 cans with Double Helix cables, Eddie Current Zana Deux tube amp, Marantz SA11S-2 SACD player.   This device gives a major improvement to my systems sound. Soundstage detail is improved. Images are precisely placed. Harmonic textures are more clearly heard. I do  not hear any added brightness to the system. Instead the music is more flowing with a sense of...
Did any head-fiers go up to the eighth floor to the Abyss listening room and the Synergistic Research room that has the Headphone Optimised Transducer-their new product?   Amazing to learn that Mike Mercer was also at CanJam 2009 in LA. I remember Tod, Tyll, Drew, Frank, Ironbutt, and others. I can almost but not quite sense I met Mike there. Maybe it was in a pre "Exciteable" stage of his audio career!
Jude being sick during his video taping is a good reminder for everyone going to RMAF to get a flu shot today !   You are going to be exposed to a lot of strangers at close quarters.
One other non CanJam room to check out that still applies to the world of headphones is the Synergistic Research big room on the mezzanine floor in the tower part of the hotel. Their room is via elevator floor "P". apparently the elevators label the mezzanine floor as "P".  They have a new headphone device called the Headphone Optimizing Transducer. You plug the Transducer into the headphone jack and your headphone into the Transducer. Mike Mercer gives it a thumbs up on...
Steven:  Although not physically part of CanJam, I do hope you will "broadcast " from the Abyss dedicated headphone listening room 8000 in the tower. It is the most unique listening room at RMAF. 4 setsof Abyss headphones each using a different amplifier.
CanJam is great! Crowed,  noisy, but alot of excitement in the air. Like  being on the floor  of a political convention.   I hope all audiophile headphone enthusiasts will not forget to visit the dedicated Abyss listenening room in the hotel tower room 8000. Yes it is at the other end of  the hotel and yes you  will have to take the elevator to the eighth floor. It will be worth the effort. Four listening stations each with the Abyss headphone. Each with a great...
Sorry guys had to cancel my flight to the show at the last minute so no breakfast for me. Everyone try to get a chance to hear Jack Woo's flagship amp on the Hilton 9th floor. Do not forget to stop at MA Recordings. Todd has some great recorded music that will give your headphones a real workout.   Mike please try to visit the Synergistic Research room on the main floor in the Hilton. I put a pair of their ECT devices on my Double Helix cables where they attach to the...
Unfortunately not all the best headphones will be centrally located at the two Headphonium locations. THE Abyss headphone swill  be paired with Jack Woo's flagship amplifier in room 902 in the HILTON. Probably better listening conditions.
In my Marantz SA11-S2 SACD player I found the Synergistic Research fuse to an improvement over the Isoclean and Furotech fuses. In my rig the SR fuse gave a more open sound. More detail across the frequency spectrum. The Isoclean was darker but better than stock.
Replace the stock power fuse with a Synergistic Research fuse for a significant improvement. It made a good improvement to my Zana Deux amp. Available from Scott Walker Audio, The Tweek Geek, The Cable Company, and other vendors- $59.00 well spent.   David Pritchard
New Posts  All Forums: