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Yes the Zana Deux is a strong heat emitter. It's location is three feet away and my right arm can feel the radiation from those 6C33(ex MIG fighter) tubes. It is the audio equivilant to a trucker's left arm sunburn. It is not left on and unattended since it does not have a tube cage. Let's see Jeff in Atlanta and I am in New Mexico. Maybe we thought we wouldn't notice any additional heat.
Boy it is hard to know for sure who made what and who owned who in the world of tubes. I had read that Valvo did make tubes in Germany but the plant was owned by Phillips. Mine are "1957" but I bet they are part of the same batch you mentioned. Synergy with tube types and headphones is soo important. The Ed. 9's sound great with the Brimar's when your in the mood to be up close to the music. But I am not in that mood all the time and I have the luxury to grabe a...
Lots of fun rolling tubes that is for sure. It is always helpfull to read tube impressions with which headphones are being used. A busy day for me. the newer Brimar's with the lettering on the glass have been ordered. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the Brimar's with the lettering on the base. Also bought a pair of Valvo- made in Germany ECC35's. I do not think I have seen any impressions of these with the Zana Deux. Phones are the Senn 650-Equinox cable,...
"Blackmore" (Sergei) is a real pleasure to do audio buying with. I purchased a number of tubes from him. He puts a fair price on his equipment and does an excellent job of packing and communicating. Do not worry when buying from "Blackmore". No problems with his sending the tubes from Holland to the USA. David Pritchard
Dear Ironbut, Do you have any suggestions on interconnects for the Zana Deux, especially with the Sennheiser 650's in mind? David Pritchard
JP- Can you tell us who was the fastest on the draw and is getting the Moth? Now a question for Uncle Erik- what tubes do you have in the Zana Deux this week? I put the Brimar back in to do some extended Mozart listening. David Pritchard
A rare Moth Audio amp has just been listed on AudioGon today. It will only last a few hours before it is sold- my prediction. Just a heads up for those that know when not to delay. I have no association with this amp just a lot of admiration. David Pritchard
Steve, Did you ever pull the trigger and buy a Brimar. I am thinking it just might amplify your mid range too much with your headphones being bright. I just put in a Phillips ECC35 1952. It's a smoothie like the National Union (hard to beat for listening to music versus listening to the system). Still in the untried box is a Fivre 6SL7Gt. Any one try the silver topped Sylvanias? David Pritchard
Having recently bought Foo_Min's Zana Deux #17, I have just now recovered from a severe case of Vintage Tube Fever. I have the tubes that Varna listed and then some. For example the GE 6SL7GT also sounds good. I have a Fivre that I have not yet tried. I would not be in too big a hurry to roll a lot of tubes, the Zana Deux sounds good with all of them. I have the Ultrasone Ed.9's, and the Sennheiser 650's. These two phones do show that a different driver tube does give the...
Rolling tubes sure is fun in the Zana Deux. Several threads have mentioned Paul Lindemann as their source for tubes, and I also agree having bought his tubes. He currently has the Sylvania 6SL7wgt's and the National Union VT229's in stock. These are said to be NOS and NIB. Prices are $69.00 per tube. His E- mail is www.chowbeardog@sbcglobal.net. Tim, when the platter has stopped for a nano second slip in your National Union tube. I bet your weekend will start that much...
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