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Hopefully Foo's used Zana Deux will be up and running at my house in a matter of days. I had the pleasure of listening to Ironbutt's standard ZD and JP's HD-ZD at the Vancouver, Wa. conference. I just could not wait any longer for the next generation amplifier. This amplifier made the Edition 9, the modded Denon 5000, and the Sen. 650 all sing. Plus with the tubes in and components burned in it should be instant bliss. ...
Mark, I agree that it works. I had about 200 hours on the modded Denon 5000. I put the Isotek on for a 10 hour run. That afternoon there was an immediate awareness of a major improvement. The phones had a smoother sound with an improved upper end. It was like the difference a hand wax with detailing versus a drive thru wash and wax will do to improve the way a Porshe looks. I think the CD is well worth buying.
I have 2 pair of Sennheiser 140 wireless headphones. They are used primarily for HD movie viewing but the movie sound tracks sound good. They also have a range of 75-100 feet so you can leave the room or go outside and still be listening. The stand is the charging base. The headphones are quite comfortable. Their is very little noise with head movement or radio station interference. In my office I have wired headphones- Sennheiser 650 with Equinox cables, Markl modified...
I have really enjoyed the modded 5000. The Isotech CD does really work. My 5000 had several hundred hours on them and then I put the Isotech on the player. It put a final polish on a very good product. The Isotech is worth the $40.00
I purchased the Denon 5000 from Yogi this month and all was good.
I would suggest calling Ray Samuels and auditioning the B-52. You need to get to know your amp builder and then do an in depth listening of your music in your environment. Do this with any other amps you seriously consider. You will know if the amp is for you using this approach and not run from product to product and review to review.
I arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday. I do have a room at The Hilton. I am registered for all the events. I also am scheduled to be in a bicycle race Saturday and Sunday at the Portland International Raceway 5 miles south of the meet. The modified Denon 5000 have 100 hrs. on them and do sound great. I just put 12hrs. of the Isotek System Enhancer and Rejuvenation Disc on my system and the headphones and I feel it has improved the system and the headphones. I will bring...
It's just getting better every day. The Ultrasone's Edition 9 shipped yesterday!. I will have enough time to burn in the Markl Denon 5000 and the Ed. 9. I know what going to be in my carry on bag for the jet flight to Portland. I arrive at the Hilton (conference headquarters on Thursday). David Pritchard 575-644-1462
I will be bringing my just arrived Markl modified Denon 5000's. Day 2 they are sounding up close and good on the Ray Samuels HR-2. David Pritchard
I am registered for the meet. No tube amplifier yet, I am using a Ray Samuel HR-2 amp with my Sennheiser Hd-650 phones. I am planning on going tubed with the Zana Deux or the Woo WA-5. I would love to hear your Zana Deux at the meet. I am checking in at the Hilton on Thursday. David Pritchard 575-644-1462 ( I will have my phone on for the trip).
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