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Boy this gets complicated. I was fortunate to go to the Vacuum Tube Conference Memorial day weekend. There I got to listen to the HD and the Zana Deux for hours over 2 days with little or no room noise. Using my own personal phones -Sennheiser 650-equinox cables, Ed. 9's, and Denon 5000 modified. The Zd used the National Union 6Sl7gt driver. The 650 had slightly more detail on the Hd. Using JP's balanced 650, the detail was improved one more notch. I enjoyed both amps. But...
I have bought single and double Brimars. I would get a single and see if you like the sound. I love it with the Sennheiser 650. Somedays I love it with the Ultrasone Edition 9. Somedays I like a more relaxed sound with the Ed.9. If I had Graddo's , I think I would buy a single in order to audition the sound. These 6Sl7gt should last a long time in the ZD. The last pair of Brimars I bought on E-bay were for $164.00 plus shipping FYI. Has any body tried dirrerent cables from...
I just E-mailed the sales department to get more information. Maybe my Jadis amplifier will get an early Christmas present. It will be fun to compare them to my vintage Mullards.
Looking at the website it will not be a reissue but a tube manufactured to tighter specs. I for one will at least be hopefull. It is supposed to be unveiled in 10 days at a London show
If you want to get your Zana Deux a "present" and have run out of tubes to buy her, you might try this. It is the Isotek Full System Enhancer and Rejuvenation Disc. I have had one since May and I think it is worth the $39.00. Not as dramatic as rolling in a Brimar but a gentler smoothing effect. Isotek is a well known English audio company. It also has a nice effect on headphones- extended the highs using the Sennheiser 650's. I thought it even improved JD's fantastic HD...
Dear nor_spoon, The Valvo's arrived this week. I have been listening to the Fivre and just haven't had a chance to put on the Valvo's. They do look nice- definitely new in box. Great researching that old thread about Valvos. I knew a needed one when I saw them listed on E-bay, but I couldn't remember why!
Great news. The Mullard-Phillips now Blackburn Micro Tech Company are starting to manufacture Ecc81, 82,and 83(12AX7) tubes. Check it out.wwwTechTubeValves.com
For those just getting their Zana Deux tubed and wanting a Brimar 6SL7GT, one source is www.tubemonger.com. They have several in stock-$40.00 to $65.00 each. It may be less stressful than E-bay. David Pritchard
Dear Ironbut, Once again thank you for the information. I stumbled into a nice tube for the ZD's of our vintage (#17 for me and isn't yours #12). The Italian Fivre 6SL7GT. I hope you had reels of fun this summer. David Pritchard
At least with the Zana Deux you only need one driver so when Mullard hunting you only need one. Besides "Blackmore" has any one posted their listening experences with the Mullard? There is one on E-bay right now. I agree that the Sennheiser 650 with the Brimar is a wonderful experence. Without getting into Audio babble, I just find myself enjoying the music. Be careful you rockers out there, this combination may make you reach for a Mozart string quartet disc and not...
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