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There is so little said about these Iem's here and even less good. I understand that for the original price, they were not well received.. but on Sonicelectronix you can get these with the best offer for $409.00. How dominate is the bass and is it still too much at this price in peoples opinion here? When they are called bass monsters..are they way baser than the old Westone w3? I know the W3 had lots of treble...but it was so bass dominate too.
 I agree on the beautiful women thing. Got give props to him though for making those 650 look like dumbbells!! Got a good laugh there.
X2 on that. Mine came from B&H with the $313 sale and they are the gray box. Same as the 650 I had a few years ago and same as in many pics from around  the net. I also had the HD600 that were in the same type of box as 650..just different color. The newer box looks exactly like the Momentums come..I am sure they are just updating all their packaging. Enjoy the 650's! I have every confidence in B&H anyway.
Putting up my Mustang amp for sale. It has about 25 hrs use on it and comes with everything. Was purchased 10/28/2013 from Ray directly. There are now flaws of any kind on it and it works perfectly. Will ship in the Conus priority mail included. Pics are not the greatest but my feedback is stellar and you can trust that amp is as stated. No Saturday shipping.
Thanks so much. I have put some tape on them a few days ago and it seems to be working. I never thought about the hot glue...might do that instead cuz right now the tape is covering the red connector...which makes it hard in low light to see which side is right quickly. I appreciate all the help guys.
Thanks guys… I really thought it had something to do with the difference between the two. The original when you go to remove it you have to use some elbow Grease. Where the aftermarket one just comes in and out so easy. It also like I said when it's halfway in it's fine for a little bit then starts to work it's way back out. If it's in all the way... It clips from the get go. Kind of stuck with it I guess because the guy that built it is sold on the cardas ends.... As I...
I bought a 3ft cable from a guy on ebay who makes them.. the cable is beautiful and when it is not cutting out..sounds amazing... and the length is perfect for me. I think the ends that plug in are not right. The seller has been great..I sent them back..he went over them and sent them back. Same problem. He is frazzled saying that the end is Casrdas for hd600/650 etc.. but it looks so different than the original. I can put the ends half way and they sound perfect. They...
SALE PENDING............
Foe sale is a barely used pair of Grado 325e headphones. Purchased direct from 4ourears about 2 weeks ago. I want to say right up front that these came with 3 pinhead size paint chips that can only be seen in light when looking. I tried to capture them but they are on the bottom right ear cup and just don't show in pic. I know Grado's thoughts on this are that they are handmade and little imperfections are part of the process etc..so I didn't try and send back..to me I...
Never saw them live...but I loved the R30 live DVD... after that...seems like Getty just could not do it live anymore..bought the next few DVD's and ended up giving them to a co-worker/good friend who just wanted them for his collection regardless. Please don't bash me fellow Rush lovers...just my opinion. Still listen to Moving Pictures..Fly By Night and 2112 on a very regular basis after all these years.
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