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Sorry this is a little late; they sounded terrible, I ended up giving them to my sister.
Yeah I have Deadguy, I also saw the avatar and just decided not to mention it because of that. Anyone else heard rumblings of a Rorschach reunion? I think I remember Converge's Jacob Bannon saying something about it, but it was a while ago and I haven't heard anything since.
Dug through my library and found some more gems: Only Living Witness (early) Neurosis Engineer (who are more on the sludge side of things) Gaza Punch (like Ceremony with a female vocalist) Rorschach And then there's the staples (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Refused) and my guilty pleasures (Have Heart, Verse, Modern Life is War) but this thread seems more geared towards the heavy obscure side of the genre
Well in that case Echo and the Bunnymen, Killing Joke, The Fall and Joy Division.
I haven't been listening to much lately, but I really like: Ceremony Trap Them Converge Cult Ritual Sabertooth Zombie Gridlink/Discordance Axis Cursed Terrorizer I'm sure you've probably heard a lot of those already... Capitalist Casualties is pretty great and most of the grind I know is local stuff.
I would recommend you stick with pad mods, as they are (relatively) cheap and reversible. What is the "dollop" mod? I'm afraid I haven't heard of that one.
Having Grados (alessandros) myself and having similar musical tastes as you (Axe to Fall!!!) I can pretty much guarantee that you'll get some weird looks listening to Converge on the SR-80i's. They're definitely a lot looser than the HD-25; I find that they fall off occasionally when I'm walking around so if you want something with a lot of clamping force then Grados are not for you. But the main thing is that they leak sound like crazy.
One final post: I auditioned the D5000 at a local audio store (more for comfort than for anything else) and to my unrefined ear they looked and felt fantastic. The only Denon phones I've had extensive ears-on time with is the C551, can anyone compare the sound signature of the C551 to that of the D2000? And I've read many times that the D2000 is "picky" about amps, what would be a good portable amp that ISN'T the Nuforce Icon Mobile? (I want an on/off switch)
I'm looking to buy a VibeVaults for my ipod classic (link) and I noticed that the 160GB cases were not only listed separately, but also significantly cheaper (~$15 vs $40). Would it be possible to buy the 160GB case and use it on my 120GB iPod?
You can also use the silica gel packets that typically come with shoes to dry them out... That is their purpose, after all.
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