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I'm looking forward to A/B comparisons between the X1 and X2.  I have a feeling they will be very similar.   FYI - price drop on the X1, now $221 at Amazon US.
  Subscribed!  I am subscribed to the M-100, K550, MD-1R, and "picky Head-Fi'er" threads and have been waiting for the K267 appreciation thread to appear.  Looking forward to first impressions, especially from you and gelocks.  
It will be interesting to see how the M-100 compares to other closed cans in the same price range.   V-Moda M-100 ($310 pre-order price) Ultrasone Pro 900 ($330) AKG 550 ($300) Shure SRH940 ($300)  
Hey guys, Anyone know where I can find a .MP3 with gameplay audio from Battlefield 3?  I want to load this onto my music player and take it to a Guitar Center to evaluate headphones.    There is probably a way to record audio from BF3 while playing, but I have no clue how to do this.  Any help is appreciated!   JT
Hi iztis, I use my DT770 Pro 80 straight out of my PC for multiplayer games (BF3, Planetside 2).  Since you are not into multiplayer gaming I don't know if I can contribute a useful opinion, but I can say that these are definately more "fun" than "analytical" cans.  The lower end booms of a tank explosion are impactful and impressive, but vocals and details like footsteps tend to get a bit lost.  You may find the following thread by Mad Lust Envy helpful in your...
Quote: Originally Posted by dean0 ORDERED!!! from the impressions here they sound very promising indeed. Having owned the dt770pros for some time, I hope the shures deliver foward mids and less bloated bass than the beyers... but do they have the treble sparkle I do like, espesially for electronic music, anyway I will post many pics and comparrison when they arrive. Any views driving these with solid state vs tube amp? Looking forward to your...
Quote: Originally Posted by miloxo You could try the freeware EQ electric-q. Just play around with it. After a while of adjusting the curves i got a nice bass increase. But for some reason i dont really like EQing(I really dont know why). Maybe you do like it? Doesn't look like electric-q is freeware anymore. Do you have another recommendation for free EQ software?
My first real headset that didn't come with a cassette or CD player was the Koss Porta Pro. For the past 4 years I have been using a Senn 497. This past week I placed an order for an AT AD900 - can't wait to try them out.
I think Definitive Audio is in that same area located on Roosevelt. Be sure to check them out.
I picked up a pair of Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds for the wife to use at the gym. They are a decent set for cheap and use equal length cords (Y-cord). Got them at Target for about $15.
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