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thanks chris for the replies just one more thing though, does the mini to mini cable matter alot? because i was checking the boa out and i saw that ibasso had a mini to mini cable for sale and it was 30 dollars. I was surprised that it was costs that much.
well i was thinking of not going for an extreme one such as the predator since this will be the first amp and also i'm a beginner so i thought i'd settle for the tomahawk or the boa or even the minibox-e+. Because i probably won't be able to tell the difference if i went for the predator. For the music i listen to, all the music i listen to contain vocal and are usually ballads and sometimes rock/pop. I was also wondering, how do i operate the amp if i'm only amping...
no there isn't a lineout for the P2, so the amp will be amping the headphone out
hi everyone i have been reading alot here on the forums since i have been looking for a portable amp. I will be using the amp with the westone um2 and the samsung p2. When I first got the um2 and still now, i wasn't really amazed or overwhelmed. It might be because I expected too much from it but i was thinking for 300 dollar headphones, i thought it would amaze me much more. I've actually tried listening to the grados sr-60 and rs-1 in a store and I wasn't really...
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