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*mental note, always look at the stickys before asking something* thanks for pointing out the obvious... next time i'll research more first
Is there an explaination anywhere of what the different envelop icons are that appear next to the topic headers?
Hmm, if it had to be just one... I'd pick Anthony Warlow - The Best of Act One Now there's a voice I could listen to forever. And yes, mix cds are cheating . That's like saying I'll just take my iPod .
Hey everyone, Like the topic says, what was the first headphone(s) you purchased after coming to Head-Fi for the first time? I'm a little curious because I've been here for about a month or so, and already bought 2 headphones . First one I bought were the Sony MDR-D66 Eggos for portable use, and a few days ago I just purchased the Ultrasone HFI-650 Trackmasters. On a side note, did you have mid-high end headphones before coming to Head-Fi? Before coming here,...
Yeah, a topic close would probably be best, as I already got the suggestions I need, and this thread just keeps getting more and more off topic.
Heh, I didn't realize there was a lot of dislike towards Linkin Park on this forum until I did a search. Maybe this wasn't a great place to post... Anyway, I think I'm going to start with Rage Against the Machine and P.O.D. and see if they are what I'm looking for. Thanks again for the advice.
Thanks for the comments guys. And Pablo32, please keep your comments in another thread.
thanks for the link, haven't actually seen that site before.
Hey everyone. Alright, I just recently started getting into Linkin Park, and while I only like about half of their songs, the half I do like I love. This is also my first real experience with listening to hard rock, or whatever genre you want to put them in. I'm trying to find some other bands similar to their music, that is, stuff that just sounds excellent played extremely loud . I've been listening to some, like Static X, but don't like their material too...
Hello everyone, here's yet another, "best headphone for __ category" thread. I've done some research on the headphones I'm looking for already, but what I'm looking for seems inconclusive. Anyway, here goes. One thing to note, I'm an audiophile newbie, and I have relatively untrained ears. Also, I'm not too knowledgable about the terminology, although I'm getting there . First off the price tag is under $200, although if the quality will be much better for a...
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