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I seen them go for less in the forums. 77.99 for the 4GB is little difference from when I purchase one form B&H this time last year
couldn't find one at a price I would like to pay in retail, there really isn't much offers at all in general.
Oops, look like I confused this with the Source Components sales section :P. mods can delete i'll make a fresh one right away
couldn't find one at a price I would like to pay in retail, there really isn't much offers at all in general.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sasahara Sorry, sorta new to portables in general. What advantages do you get with a portable besides well...portability? Am I missing something? Thanks. You get the pleasure of using an Ipod /end sarcasm; but seriously what other kind of advantages can there be? it allows you to listen to music on the go, if you're primary a home listener then you don't need portables, but pretty much anybody that likes listening...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thehofl I realize that. Has anyone taken it apart and "reverse-engineered" it? I tried asking weither I can mod my Pa2v2 and they pretty much said that Gary optimised it for maximum performance or something like that, I get what you're saying it seems like such a simple amp it's seems pretty strange that hardly anyone tried to play around with it
I use to power my Grado SR80's with a Pa2v2, they both broke almost a year ago, but I remember enjoying them a lot, I now power my SR60 with a Fiio E3 and plan on a Grado SR225/Mini3 Combo soon, can't wait for the audible satisfaction
you said you want something better that your Ipod's Headphone out, you've ever tried listening though the Ipod dock with a LOD cable? if not I see no problem using or even adding $20-30 to the budget for one and spend the rest on the amp
I wouldn't bee able to afford getting my Grado's woodied. I only power my Sr60's with a Sansa clip and Fiio E3 and only probably just under a quarter though the burn in process. you were refering to the quartermod right? opening soundstage but losing some bass
it's been since March/apirl of last year since my SR80s broken and wasn't untill jan 2010 I was able to purchase a Grado SR60 but those had problems, but I was sent another pair and received it just last Wednesday. I enjoying them so far, they hit really sharp during the first hour of use, but they smoothed out a lot since but lack a little soundstage, I've been regularly listening to my KSC75 with the Quarter & Kramer mod for over 3 months compare to my Grado which...
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