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  higher voltage = better sound? I won't be owning any Game audio gear anytime soon this is just for headphone listening so whatever results in better sound
I'm in a bit of a dilemma here the Craiglist in my Area has these listings     Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum for $25 X-fi XtremeMusic for $35   which of the two is the better card? I heard the X-fi series of cards are the successor of the Audigy but the Xtrememusic is a low end card in the X-fi series while the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum is fairly High in the Audigy one   I'll be listening through Headphones of course and will be using Foobar2000...
I'm using a Sound Blaster Live! 24 Bit sound card, I assume it's a pretty low end card since it's like one of the cheapest card in the market. Just wondering what would be a decent upgrade. I would like a Line out to be used with my Mini3 rather than from the Headphone out of my 24 Bit
I'm looking for a Cowon iAudio 7 for a good price, but there's hardly any sale at all yet alone one at a good discount I'll prefer to purchase the 4gb or 8gb due to cost restraint, but if you wanna sell me a 16gb at some miracle price I won't argue
I jumped right on this deal and just received it yesterday, it's a good thing this appeared on payday cause I usually end up using all my money by the day after. and boy did I ever needed another player, since my iAudio 7 bricked this time last year i had to resort to my 1 Gb Sansa Clip and made worse when the screen became defective back at the fall , and yes 2gb may seem relatively tiny to most headfi'ers but 1gb to 2gb is a massive difference for me
Quote: Originally Posted by candy287 Since it said "dream" , my dream portable is the sound of HIFIMAN 801 into the size of sansa clip+ with 64gig of memory and a smooth UI such as ipod. i would be content and never look @ portable device sub-section again. Too bad that will never happen ever. /Jinx don't have an ideal of a "dream", but i'm looking forward to my iAudio 7 > Mini^3 > SR225 that I've been thinking about for more than a year, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by K_19 I see. ... I don't mean to come off as rude here, so don't get me wrong... but the point of the thread is...? A question, a super short review? or something else? oops, well yes it is I just edited the post Quote: Originally Posted by weibby I prefer wasapi because it has more body and a bit more musical. ASIO4ALL seems rather too sterile sometimes. Foobar components page says that's...
whenever I use ASIO4ALL on my Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy SE I found that the direct sound is a tad punchier in the bass and general beats, ASIO4ALL has maybe a tad more more emphasis on some details but overall not as enjoyable, I listen with my Grado Sr60. just wanna is it simply my system being too low end to take advantage of ASIO4ALL System: Windows Xp 1 Ghz 2gb ddr ram
A well Tweaked iAudio 7 clearly beats the Sansa clip IMO, but it can take some time getting the sound to your liking
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