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Thank for the effort, but I solved the issue I added some solder to the 4th and 6th point of the potentiometer and now no spikes on the right driver (forgot to mention the problem was only on one side) I guess the solder was too light and I dropped it a couple of time throughout the months. thanks for the help 
I bought it used back at Feb. I didn't build it myself, sorry if that's the impression I was giving out.   thought i might try a solder repair, since the problem goes away when i push down any of the Jacks or the Volume knob at the front of the amp well i already looked into that along with maybe buying  2 new jacks, the stuff is very cheap. what I wanna know is the shipping cost and delivery time.
Half the time I so much as touch the volume control on my Mini3 it spikes to full volume and it was working just fine yesterday.
I have a Creative XtremeMusic, I've been using the Creative Asio on my Foobar and in some cases it sounds flatter (not EQ wise dynamic wise) than the KS or at least not any better   My KS is set to an Output of 24bits, But my Creative Asio and Asio4all states that it's outputing at 32bits (not on the foobar output page but the Asio's menu) and I think my card is matched to output 24bit. what do you guys think?   I'm using a Grado sr60 from a Mini^3...
Why buy a Knife if your not gonna stab anything with it? is it correct to assume they're collector items only?   how can a certain knife be illegal in relation to other legal knives?  
congrats on discovering Lossless, I remember finding out about Flac by just googling "better than mp3s" due to some curious hunch
Thanks for the input guys I decide to grab the XtremeMusic and it sounds excellent, Clearly better than the onboard I was using, though it took a lot of work and time error solving and getting the proper up to date drivers, software and all working   ! have it on Creation Mode Bit-Perfect Playback enabled Creative Asio on Foobar Master Volume, Wav volume and Foobar set to max (0db)  
I assume that's that external thing right? what does it do other than make it external
  I am using a Mini3 amp, if either can offer Line out that'll be great
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