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Well I ordered the 2 high performance opamps list on AMB's site from digikey, everything came to about $12, hope this could get my Mini^3 working again
i don't know, what are those? and what would a elevated one look like?
OK now I have another issue, My mini3 now only at max volume outputs sound on the right driver and at a extremely low volume, I notice brown stuff on almost every solder point at the back but don't notice any leakage from any of the components, not sure how this is possible unless something spill on my Mini3, but i don't see how that's the case ethier
uDac's pot is for it's amp right? if that's the case i won't need it since im gonna use my mini3 for amplification
bump, would love some suggestions :)
I always enjoyed the benefits of using portable Amplifiers versus the puny stuff in most mp3 players, I as well listen to some music at home, but I never once listen to a line out signal, my amp has always been connected to a Headphone out :(   I considered a uDac not too long ago, but I suspect that it's status as a hybrid might've divert it's quality as a Dac during development. I'm looking for a entry Dac only unit for around $100, I already own a Mini3 as an...
using the 1/8" connector on your MS1i's should do some excellent venting just like it does on my SR60s
oh alright, now how would I go about on a cable selection? Mini^3 only takes 3.5mm stereo would a RCA to 3.5mm cable work?   these are nice cables, hope I would end up paying nearly as much tough lol  
 Well that's pretty much any Computer > Dac > Amp connection, My interconnect is a 3.5mm stereo cable, the uDac will ampilify that signal before it reaches my Mini3, is there a way to turn off the amplification or do I have to use one of the back connections? and if so what kind of cable would I need?    
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