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Don't get a Fiio, they're known to explode.....................                       kidding aside, I have a Sansa Clip zip and a Fiio E6, the E11 is what I'm looking at for a possible upgrade, thought i can't answer for weather it will sound as good as the S:flo2 
  Shipping prices will be negotiated.
Shipping prices will be negotiated. This is a Vintage system made during the late 70's early 80's   everything works.   Edit:price cut. another price cut.
Last night outside I had my Sansa Fuze on 75% with my Grado Sr225 on a quiet night and questioned bringing it higher, so using that reference how loud would you guys say that is?
I accidentally ripped out the ground contact of my L6 while trying to recable it, I compensated by soldering the ground wire directly to the ground pin on the circuit broad, it works well but I have any nod on my head on whether I'm sacrificing something... none of the caps connected to the ground contact did it? cause i have some of those OXIcaps coming in and i would like to know.
Just by looking at the picture of a X-fi Titanium HD  I can conclude that thinking the J3 would be as good was wishful thinking, The only Cowon player I owned was the iAudio 7, but I assume that they sound best when tweaked, most would accept inferior sound on the go compare to what they listen at home, but if you what something as good then a Sansa Fuze with a LOD should be fine  depending on the amp you'll be using  
I think a half hour show every week would be great, there's already a lot of stuff you put on Queue for future episodes, but with 10mins +/- per episode it's gonna take a long while
When he took that rig out of his bag it looked like for a split second that he took out a pile of Dynamite
Sorry for the slow reply, I'm looking to get the Tianyuin Zero Dac/Amp since my mini3 seemed to have burned out, a good choice?  
looking for something good to put on my desktop and power my sr225, this thing is perfect since I can't afford both a DAC and AMP separately
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