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The amp the cans Best sound ever, the Sound stage is Huge! the bass is Deep and Tight. Extremely transparent. not too bright nor dark.
Another price drop, this tube is stupid cheap now.  
the Sennheiser HD600 has been Sold.
Price Drop  
This product has been sold, but to answer last question this was made by "EACE audio improvement"  
You just hover the earpads over the place they suppose to go to, and then you place it down snaping it back into place via picthing both of your fingers both on the earpads and the headphones themselves, You do not try to fold the plasic/rubber thingy under or around the plasic.
Shipping is free in USA, additional 5 USD if shipping anywhere else. And yes, it does work.
Shipping is free if buyer lives in USA, otherwise shipping cost will be negotiated. imo Compare to stock cable these sound is clearer.
Still Selling  
Shipping prices will be determined base on the buyer living location.   this headphone has about 2 months of usage, works perfectly. the orignal HD600 cable is 10 foot and has a smaller jack but it comes with the convertor to 6.35mm jack and goes with an extra senn hd 650 cable that is 10 foot with a native 6.35mm jack   and am selling because of upgrade.   I only accept paypal as a form of payment.
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