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I've been away from head-fi for a while. I wanted to try out some earbuds and found these on ebay:  Aiwa HP-EX11   anyone have experience with these? I picked up a pair because the aiwa brand gives me nostalgia since it was the brand of my first minidisc player.
refurb'd sony xb500 for 19.99+ship      
amazon has xb700 for ~70 bucks
get the hd-25-ii.  i recently purchased them for myself after buying the m50s.  i thought the m50s were a tad big for portable use. the hd25s are great for portability...and the velour pads eel very comfy
look at equation audio rp-21.  i purchased them through the manufacturer for around 60 dollars.  they come with a long detachable cord, 50mm drivers.  pretty comfy. used to be a forum favorite, just like how everyone recommends the m50s without reading that you want phones with a detachable cable.
if u like the steel series...why not get them again? there is a promotion going on right now. 30% off if you use code: SWAGAWAY30
got my hd25s from this forum for under 150..youve just got to be patient in the marketplace
im sure someone will recommend you audio technica m50s...   x2 on the hd25.  you can get them used like i did for under 150
200 posts and you think youre using ps3 amp dac? lol wow
is this still pending?
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