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I have Computer --> ODAC --> UM3X, Sennheiser HD580, Sennheiser MX580.    I have been wanting to buy an amp for a long time but I am not sure that I need them? I was going to buy the O2 but I also saw the imbalance issue. I almost always listen to music at low volume and sometimes, I do have imbalance issue with just outputting from ODAC.  From the reviews I see, C5 is a relatively neutral(compared to other amps) amp that solves the imbalance issue that O2 has....
JDS Lab cmoy with bass boost v2.02 up for sale.    It is built by me and is good condition. I only use it at home on my desk and took good care of it, so it has never been in a bag travelling, banging around with other stuff.   It sounds great and gives a nice bass boost. I am planning to buy some desktop amp so I want to get some extra funds.  Reviews   Also, includes a power adaptor(~$10 value) which is usually not included in buying the...
Also interested in blox m2c. If anything is going to organize this, please pm me any info.  
I am a little confused on what you want. You want something that's portable(move around the room) but you also want something that's is for monitoring and mixing(sit in front of your equipment). That's kind of 2 different categories in my view.    I will give you my 2 cents anyway. I have HD580 and JDS Cmoy Bass Boost amp and UM3x, which was one of the best universals.    I enjoy them both, but HD580 + Cmoy gets much more uses because I sit in front of my...
  Gamma 2 including AC adapter, built by MisterX about 2 weeks old before i packed it back into box. Need to buy an a/v receiver for my parents. Please excuse the picture quality, the unit is flawless.    Price Dropped $350 $340 $330 $320 + shipping as gift on paypal. Prefer local pick up at Berkeley, CA.
price drop the second time
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