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Quote: Originally Posted by darkfury18 Thanks for the guide Gonna keep the pod until I find a resistor that suits me. What have you used to connect the resistors to the wires here?
If you want a voice recorder with a direct pc link, olympus makes quite a few. Some will play mp3's as well. The Olympus WS-311M is about $80 and would fit the bill. It's only 512MB but there are others on Olympus website. Check them out. OTOH, if you want an excellent sounding MP3 player with voice recording, then the Iriver H340 is the way to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by athenaesword which is the model which you think is the best then? maybe it's easier for me to find information on it than a range of models. it'd be great if you have links where i can check out, but otherwise, precise model would be fine. thanks mate. You're probably only going to find the latest, the H340. Here's an Amazon link(not available anymore) with tons of user opinions Amazon.com: iRiver H340 40 GB Digital...
Does sound quality differ from the previous s61x and a81x series?
Quote: Originally Posted by athenaesword they don't sell these anymore? nowhere that I know of, and they're selling on ebay for $200-$250 now
Iriver H310-340 is all I can think of really. Recording quality is superb and come with external mics. Good luck finding one
Quote: Originally Posted by omega52 If you are talking about the Sansa Clip, the glowing blue ring is flush with the face of the unit. No problem pushing the buttons as with the Sansa E200 series. I meant the E200 series..the Clip is the only one I like, picking up a 4gb soon for gym duty.
Is it just me or does anything else think that ergonomics is getting worse and worse with each new generation of mp3 players? The touch sensitive controls that are all the rage just infuriate me. Even Sansa with it's push to click controls put a glowing blue ring around just to keep your fingers from actually depressing the buttons properly...man I decided to go check out some new players this weekend at Future Shop(Canadian electronic store)...they have them all on...
At least they have changed so all models have the headphone jack on the bottom. IMO its way better than the top, cause usually your player is upside down when worn on an armband or in your pocket and the screen is then right side up to you. Every other DAP maker with their jack on the top just doesn't get it....I don't want to turn my player around to hold it properly. Nor do I want the headphone plug getting squished at the bottom of my pocket if I put it so that the...
Am I the only one that thinks the a81x series looked much better? Sony's new model designations are really confusing, considering they all look the same...
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