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interested, but for gym use(weights). How are these for staying in?
Quote: Originally Posted by mdsjack @moseboy: movies look astonishing on the 820. ...such a level of detail! for the WMPORT cable, look on ebay. I'd like to know where to find a line-in wmport cable (used by S series I think) to hack it into a line out... I'm afraid they sell it in japan only.... damn... You mean this, it's easy to find MP3 Players - Digital Music Players - Walkman - Audio Accessories - MP3 Player Accessories - Sony...
Quote: Originally Posted by soozieq Hey Breezy, got mine today too. I love it so much that I'm selling my Zune 80!! I was holding on to the Zune because it has the most wonderful soundstage, much bigger than the Sony A808. I've never heard a soundstage like that from a player before. But the A829 (which I expected to sound exactly the same as the 808/818 series), actually has a soundstage closer to the Zune. It's virtually the same Sony sound...
Quote: Originally Posted by n1n9tean So can you guys confirm that the new series does the same thing? I don't have any MP3 player at all at the moment. I used to have the NWZ-A818. That's how I know about the issue. But, if the new series also does this then I will still just go ahead and get the NWZ-A818 because I can get it for cheaper. Design is not a big factor for me because I like the design of the NWZ-A818 and the NWZ-A728 looks pretty nice,...
Lots of reviews here..one person said they sounded worse than the ipod stock earbuds Amazon.com: Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones: Electronics
Quote: Originally Posted by mmakay I should add: The more important spec. for audio applications is the tolerance. The smaller the better. (Typically, RatShack sells 5% which isn't great.) Yes, this is what I thought. The Vishay's are metal film 1% and oddly, smaller than the Radio Shack 1/4watt carbon film 5%.
Quote: Originally Posted by Caution Hrm, I just did this podectomy with both 62, and 43 ohms, but vocals have become recessed.... Could it be because the resistors I used are 1/2 watt rather than 1/4 watt? *edit* Ah I found out what the problem was It was because I stuck a resistor between the gold wires is there an audible difference between 1/2 watt and 1/4 watt anyway? I'm wondering this as well...I picked up(by mistake) Vishay/Dale 0.6W...
I bought Vishay/dale 47ohm resistors to replace the pod on my Altec Lansing IM716 IEM's... Just noticed they're 0.6W though, instead of the .25W I wanted. Any problem using these? Don't really want to go through the hassle of re-odering and the waiting time.
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