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Lots of inquiries no comitments, bump for a price drop
Bump for offers Okay, seems people aren't exactly jumping on these, so....taking trade offers of any phones of equivalent value. Keep in mind I want something Grado'ish. A Grado would be perfect in fact
I bought these from a member link here Used them for 3hrs, haven't used them I've decided to sell them. They are in excellent condition, exactly as pictured in the above link as they have been kept in the case. Comes with the original tips only S, M, L as I'd like to keep the extra UE tips and Shure case. I'll replace the medium size Denon tip I used with one of the UE mediums. Asking SOLD US Shipped...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr_Junesequa SPECS SHOWING ENGLISH LANGUAGE SUPPORT JVC USA is selling this so i reckon it has english This is for the JVC Alneo HD500 which is now discontinued. The newer model mentioned by the OP is not on the JVC USA sight.
From anythingbutipod review "web searches and calls to Sandisk tech support confirm that they do not sell replacement clips for this player." Doesn't look good. Personally I'd buy a 1gb and then resell it without the clip.
I own an HD500 and getting a Sansa clip tomorrow. If I can remember, I'll post my impressions here. For the record, the JVC is the best sounding player I have ever heard period. Including Iaudio X5, Sony 818, various Samsung, iRiver ifp 140 and 899..(never heard an iMOD though) They're very different players functionally though... JVC much larger, clip has voice recording and fm tuner. Hard drive vs. flash. Dock with line-out on JVC, no dock for the Sansa.
bumpity for a clip
How did you fit Win XP on the drive with Service pack 3? Or is it installed on the 8Gb memory card? Also, it's a 4Gb hardrive with 512mb of RAM right? I'm interested, more info would help.
Looking for a Sansa Clip. Capacity doesn't matter, condition does. Black(or silver 8gb)only. Can be shipped to either Canada or CONUS address, your choice. Send me a PM with details and price. Founds one, thnks
ummm...still interested in selling? Waiting for reply
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