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SOLD thanks to all for interest.
Yeah I'm going for the big reveal when the 929's fitted with a trendy cartridge! I love this thread you can open any page and get great images/vinyl.
Well I recieved my Thorens td124 today but cannot upload a photo from my iPhone! Came with Akito and AT cart. Going to be replaced with EMT 929 and would welcome cartridge suggestions? A fan of Lyra...might even splash out on EMT's new headshell and onenifntheir new cartridges!
Surprise surprise its twice as much in the UK!! WHY? can I ask?
This exclusive club must be getting harder to join as time passes! Loch Ness monster is seen more often than these exceptional phones up for sale!
Through a bit of good luck I own my dream source but would love to add a Van Den Hul Crimson Amber and a EAR 324 to it! Never going to happen though .
Mojo for sale as I've no use for this digital flummery! Unopened magic digital box. So that means still sealed and untouched. Swaps preferred for GOOD moving coil cart or £325 (this includes insured postage!). UK Only at the moment maybe Europe if your prepared to pay for fully insured tracked shipping? Cheers... Sold pending paymentSold pending payment
Er4s remain my favourite iem! Ive had a few customs but always return to the Ety's. They scale so well with source/amp! Unfortunately they have to go away for repair - I shall miss them
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