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Current lenco renovation/work in progress, In the process of cloning the Naim Aro in weird and wonderful materials to fit to this deck.      
What's a DAC? ;-)
Anything considered except Koetsu retips and 'last legs' stuff.
 Run the cable over your ear and it eliminates the microphonics.
I'm currently rocking the huge yellow ety foams! They look absurd, are a real pain to insert properly and get dirty very quickly but the isolation and sound/detail levels are insane! 
Been traveling with my ER4P, didn't take my S adapter! Just got back Have to say I have missed it, so much more clarity like a brighter window into the music.
Nick Drake - Pink Moon!
If you paid $333 for a repair and they still do not work then the problem is Jaben's and ultimately ACS's do not shell out another $50, they are taking the proverbial!
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