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 Run the cable over your ear and it eliminates the microphonics.
I'm currently rocking the huge yellow ety foams! They look absurd, are a real pain to insert properly and get dirty very quickly but the isolation and sound/detail levels are insane! 
Been traveling with my ER4P, didn't take my S adapter! Just got back Have to say I have missed it, so much more clarity like a brighter window into the music.
Nick Drake - Pink Moon!
If you paid $333 for a repair and they still do not work then the problem is Jaben's and ultimately ACS's do not shell out another $50, they are taking the proverbial!
  King-tips!   Hard to define Ety. magic but it compares to any headphone I have ever heard at any price! More notable with good amplification.
Made me laugh!
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