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Yeah, it's often very difficult to judge a review when it turns out that they are reviewed against much higher priced headphones. My MetroFis for instance, which must've cost less than £20, are in the $60-100 category on the massive 162 IEM review thread.   There seems to be lots of bad comments about build quality with regards to the SuperFis which is putting me off them a lot - I'm very careful with my in ears, but there's a point where the innate build quality...
In the way that sod's law works, now the price has dropped significantly than what I was looking at not so long ago! *smacks head*   Are the 5s and 5vis the same (aside from the mic)? Very difficult trying to find definitive information on that because of the range of UE superfi earphones over the last few years.
Evening everyone!   I've been using a pair of budget UE MetroFi 220s that I have been very happy with - they have been durable, I like their sound signature and they fit and isolate well. I've wanted to jump up just a little bit and considered staying with Ultimate Ears, perhaps a pair of Superfi 5s - these seem to be significantly cheaper than...
Just buy from a reputable dealer, like Amazon. There's been enough stories about how people bought what they thought were perfectly legitimate Sennheisers off eBay and realised that trying to save themselves a few quid actually ended up costing them far more than just going to Amazon/Play.com in the first place.
What you haven't considered (and what I think is paramount IMO) is how the two headphones you have listed are very different in the way they present their sound. Grados are very upfront, very in your face, whereas the Audio-Technicas will have a wider soundstage. Someone likened it to the Grados being at the front of a live concert venue, whereas the ATs were about 10 rows back. That's not a negative one for either, but how you like your sound (and how well your music...
Quote: Originally Posted by petter2 I guess its pretty much love it or hate it with the Grados, I personally love em It's love it and hate it, which is what is annoying me - loving the sound, hating the discomfort
Comfies then, thanks for the pictures - makes it a lot easier. It's not so much scratchy, it's just the overly large shape that I think presses my ears back far enough that it's quite unnatural and thus painful for long periods. I can last about 2 hours but for long extended listening sessions, it's just horrid.
I believe I have comfies on it (googling/searching was a bit inconclusive), but personally they aren't very comfortable. Can get HD414 pads for about £10, so will probably plump for those? There's a ton of different mods though, I'm pondering whether to buy them and just try them first and see if I'm happy with it?
Is the comfort increase from the headband due to the way it sits on the top of your head, or is it about how much pressure the stock headband might force on the ears? The 414 pads are mentioned a lot, are they physically smaller than the Grado ones? The Grado pads are far bigger than the actual driver enclosure, and I think that also has an effect because it means they are far larger than my ears.
Battery life (and perhaps more importantly, battery longevity) is pretty decent with my 3 year old Sony (NWZ-A818). Keep in mind that I use it pretty much everyday. Just did a battery life test - it's rated at 33 hours playback when new - and got 39 hours playback time.
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