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While we're at it, since we don't allow people to flip headphones for a profit, and you seem to have bought them recently (going by the other classified you posted asking for a pair) please provide details of how much you paid for them, including a scan or screenshot of the receipt (with personal details blanked out). Thanks.
Please create only one listing.
Guys, just remember that a LOT of people go to impressions threads to read impressions, so try not to overdo the off-topic stuff. 
 The HE1000s are more like a 'stat, but with amazingly visceral bass, at least in the version I have. With some pad tweaks members have tried it apparently becomes more impactful, but at least with the gear I have, it is still more on the "light and airy" side of things. The Ethers are more like an Audeze planar in that it depends on the amp. It's probably easiest to say what I wrote before, which is that if you thought the LCD-X or LCD-3 was too dark, then you'll like the...
Stay on topic guys.
I've moved discussion about listening testing to Sound Science here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/771254/testing-claims-about-the-sound-of-different-dacs
Yeah, it's over my budget too, way over. It's for people who have sufficiently deep pockets that they don't have to care about that though. And while we're at it, should you really be breaking private confidences?
Indeed, but it seemed the primary issue was with noise in the USB lines. What you're saying makes it seem like making a USB-powered device is extremely problematic, which makes a lot of sense.  Maybe because of these issues, USB audio receiver manufacturers have improved a lot over the years. 
Their latest versions have galvanic isolation, which reputedly improves that.  It will be interesting to see if the V2 of the Geek Out does as well, as it was also vastly improved with a better PSU. The trouble they have, like any regular manufacturer, is that a regular dealer/distributor/marketing sales model can't compete with direct sales that have none of those three things.  Hopefully though I'll get a TT in for review, because irrespective of that, there are people...
If using the USB input directly from a computer I feel there is a tiny bit of this, but with the Wyrd all of that seems to have been removed. To me it doesn't sound digital in the treble at all. If it does, then something like the Geek Out is horrible in comparison.
New Posts  All Forums: