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Could be the transport used, to some degree. I can understand it not mating well with some gear. Experimenting with various equipment at a local hi-fi store, I have ended up with rigs that are fantastically annoying to listen with, despite using excellent components.
Agreed there. I'm almost tempted to suggest FiiO do something like a "Femto clock" version of the X7, or rather a higher-grade, more resolving version as people would pay for it if everything else works well enough.
Though we're going OT, I read up everything on MQA, including the long Q&A on Computer Audiophile, the measurements, the comments and all, and while it is obviously some impressive work, where it has sounded impressive at demonstrations appears to be simply because a proprietary digital EQ is applied. 
There isn't any MQA music yet, except samples, so you're asking too soon.
I plan to get some more 3.5mm plugs and make an adaptor for the X7. I hope to get an idea of how much it scales up with better IEMs. The drive is there but the detail is not.
Yup, mentioned one page back by Anakchan: post #5538
An update on the issues with the AK380: A firmware upgrade (1.18 > 1.23) got rid of the issues with the balanced output at high volume. There isn't any distortion any longer.   X7 is in the house! Initial impressions are quite positive with both IEMs and full-sized headphones from the AM2 and AM3 modules. The medium-power AM2 was silent with with ALO's Andromedas and the AM3 did a good job with the HD800s from the balanced output. It isn't as resolving as the AK380...
I've nuked a few posts. As per the Posting Guidelines: 
Most amps are Class A up to a certain power output, then Class AB after that. To have good-looking specs, they'll specify the Class AB power output, as the Class A power output level wont look so impressive. It's a moot point, and probably only relevant if you want to drive full-sized headphones.    DSD isn't necessarily a sound quality improvement. What I've found the issue with a lot of gear, not just DAPs is, that they are using the stock digital filters that come...
Do you specifically want a DAP with these three features? If so, are each important to you? Or is it just a question for the sake of asking? I was wondering before writing a longer reply.
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