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The entire thing is Hugo, AK240, Centrance M8 + iPhone 5, X5, Pico Power and Pico Slim (because that is all I had room left for). I don't count the cost of the iPhone so it isn't $10k worth of gear.
Mython, if your post is still the last one in the thread, please edit your post rather than post repeatedly. Thanks. 
It's called "The Borg Cube". 
For years I have watched as people posted their portable rigs with two, three or even more pieces of gear strapped together with great headphones or IEMs and pondered if I would own anything like what I saw. So today I have the portable rig to end all portable rigs! 3 DAPs, half-a-terabyte plus of storage and power for everything from ultra-sensitive IEMs through to planar headphones, even all at the same time! Now I just need to find some rubber bands as I didn't have any...
It is probably going to be mostly of interest to people in Europe, but I found that the sockets on the Hugo will take the plugs that fit up to a 9mm Van Den Hul cable. That is, any VDH cable with an outer dimension up to 9mm will fit the Hugo. That means it wont fit the 3T The Mountain or The Cliff (which are 11mm) but will fit any that are smaller. 
 The problem with your question is that for some time we have had "a few people" who decided (for reasons I wont get into, but boil down to purely ego issues) that they want to ruin Cavalli, and posted everything from gross distortions to outright lies about him and his products. When I told one person, as I would tell you, if you have an issue with something about Alex Cavalli's products, to ask him directly about it then come to me if there isn't a satisfactory answer,...
 There's a guy from Nigeria who keeps signing up under different accounts who'll sell you one for that price I'm sure.   What for? Why would you use an iDevice with a $2500 DAP? 
 Naa, the iDevices can't drive headphones well at all. IMO the Hugo comes into its own with acoustic music. That is where the difference is really noticed. What really disappoints me is when I see someone who listens to rubbish-quality music buys something like an AK240 or Hugo and expects miracles, then doesn't get any, not realising that what they needed was different headphones. But that's a different rant. Back to the DAPs though. The HM901 I thought sounded nicest...
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