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 I may have missed some of Al's recent replies, but we had a chat via PM and he has the DSD version of the AP1. I can use DoP with my non-DSD version but it doesn't show the correct volume for the track. That might explain why his impressions are different.   Yes. the PP is powered separately from a USB charger, not my MB Air. I never found a difference in sound using computer power versus a hub for the AP1 after I got the Pure Power.
I wanted to drop in a couple more listening and tube impressions while I have the mind to do so.    So far, I'm running a red base 5692, the French 6K6s, military CV1833s and a metal base mullard 5AR4.    The funny thing about this combo is: I compared it to the output of the Hugo and tonally couldn't hear a difference! But, the dynamics are better than using the Hugo alone. Not by a huge amount, but with big or complex music, drum impacts and the like are more...
 I've found that the ES9018 makes singers sound "younger" (not my choice of word, but I agree with it). Poor implementations make the music sound flat and dull. Good ones are simply good, but somewhat "hi-fi" in sound. The Invicta was the best I've heard, but I'd still rather listen with the Hugo or M7.  It is weird, as I don't find the AP1/PP makes the Hugo sound brighter at all, but the opposite if anything. Maybe it is just my set-up. I have my AP1/PP plugged in...
I split your thread necro bump off into a new thread for you instead.
 It'd be pointless IMO to not simply build a balanced Beta 22. I don't know what "old school sound" is. A good way to make the HD-800s more tolerant with a variety of amps is, IMO, to one of the HD-800 mods described over at Innerfidelity. I've been using them with a few different aftermarket cables and they are great on more amps now.
The initial sharpness in the sound has died down a bit with use, thankfully. There's a bit of buzz in the volume as I turn it up, but at maximum it disappears. I'm not sure if this is because I'm using it at 100V. It doesn't have quite the effortless of the Studio Six (obviously) but it is still impressive how well I could make out the sound from differences sources such as the Geek Out vs. the Hugo (though the Hugo doesn't need an external amp).
Guys, we are here to discuss headphones, not people. Please avoid getting personal. Thanks. 
 Same as his other cables: Very soft and flexible. I was originally worried about an 8-wire (4x4) IEM cable being too thick, but it hasn't been a problem so far, as long as I don't wear glasses.
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