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I've removed a few off-topic posts. If you want to argue about things that are not relevant to the modi multibit, please start a separate thread.
Yup, more than sufficient.
That Holographic Audio amp has a 100 Ohm output impedance which would be fine for the HD600s, but would prevent you getting good performance with it from low impedance headphones, which are far more common. That's not something I'd recommend getting.    You can get tube amps that aren't coloured, such as the Schiit Audio models. I don't think there is a wrong answer here, more that it's important to get something at least decent. Thankfully there is quite an amount of...
Threads merged and moved to Dedicated Source Components.
I had a look and did some digging, which was quite fun. They, or rather the owner, sells cheap, re-branded OEM products from China (as do many other people) at what is probably a minimal profit. Since the owner operates out of a small store (actually a money changer) on a main road, and almost all his products are sold through Amazon Prime, he doesn't have to handle anything beyond mass-ordering OEM items from China with his company name stamped on them and have them...
Yup, I had no trouble with my HD800s but there is no way I can see the WA8 running out of power -- if anything tube amps have plenty of voltage swing.
The LCD-X and XC are different -- the latter is a closed-back headphone. The consequence of adding the closed ends is that the mid-bass drops down significantly, but the mids are left forward. 
 If you want a pair of mid-forward planars, it's pretty much the Audeze LCD-XC, which sound rather what I'd expect if Audio Technica (the kings of mid-forward designs) made a planar headphone.   What I think Tyll was referring to would be like you get if you fold a piece of paper in half, then unfold it and try and lay it flat.  It wont sit completely flat, and that's more or less what you get in frequency response with the Ethers. I find them pretty good at expressing the...
I don't have LCD-4s, but when I tried them out of various amps they definitely need a high-power amp and a WA8 wouldn't cut it.  I don't see why there would be a problem with HD800s at high volumes (which I didn't try) as they require less power, not more. The HD800 S make a couple of sacrifices for their warmer sound signature and I gather one of those is increased bass distortion, which may be necessary to take into account.
 Yup, anything from the 6DJ8 / 6922 / ECC88 / E88CC / CV2492 family.  Buying a pair is a good plan, as if in the future you decide to get one of the bigger amps, you'll have a pair you can use with it.
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