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Going by my experience of USB issues, going back now almost 2 decades, it's probably a mismatch between USB hardware, or wacky driver issues (if Windows is concerned).  Unless FiiO knows specifically what is going wrong where users are having trouble, they can't fix anything, and the fix would probably be a firmware update, or if a driver conflict is involved, then it's not their fault at all.   In all honesty, of all the companies that make USB-based gear, be it DACs or...
 When I had the HA-1 here, I compared the SQ of its amp section, and I felt it wasn't quite able to deliver the level of detail I knew the DAC was capable of. If you can afford to do so, I'd recommend getting the Ragnarok to go with it. I really liked the whole package with the Ethers.  Ha... the old joke goes if you're not happy... roll tubes. Bass not right? Roll tubes. Treble too grainy? Roll tubes.  Joking aside, I haven't personally auditioned the Bifrost or the...
@whoz  Try upload a picture now.
Does your M11 have the headers inside for I2S? If so, why not install it internally? It's much easier to map pins on the internal headers than it is to screw around with external wiring.
I've renamed the thread, as Orilus Audio is a separate company.
 Yup, that's what I meant about using a streaming server.  
 The same thing happened with the Shure SKE1500s. If they had just made the system amp and IEMs only then it would have been fine. But they decided that they had to include a DAC, but that DAC only supports 96k. So instead of being judged on the merits of the technology, it now looks like Shure screwed up, even though you don't have to use the DAC in it at all.  Some people want a pure transport. Nothing else. No other chips in there to dump noise into the digital output,...
I'm going to entertain this. The answer is: Because there isn't one. Where is your music? If it's on a computer, then there is, most of the time, only one digital output, and that is USB. Every type of interface you convert to has its own pros and cons. Optical doesn't carry noise, but it high jitter. For S/PDIF read this article about transports. AES is less susceptible to noise, but may suffer due to the quality of the transformers on either end. Maybe we can use a...
I probably have the most extremely wacky rig for these: A complex digital set-up feeding an Yggdrasil which in turn goes to an ALO Audio Rx. The bass is just fantastic. This makes the 3rd product recently that has turned the idea of sound quality vs. price on its head. I hope this trend continues throughout the year.
We'll all be floating around the venue. I try and wear a Head-Fi t-shirt of some description. I encourage people to say hi and introduce themselves if they see me.  Other than that, we often meet before and after the show for coffee and dinner respectively. 
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