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If the higher resolution is going to make any difference it will be in that the higher resolution bypasses the over-sampling filter in the DAC to some degree. Most, if not all the arguments about high-res tends to ignore that. In my experience, the kind of music where that will make a significant difference is well recorded and mastered acoustic music. If you're familiar with the natural tone of piano and violin, for example, the reproduction through a lot of DACs can...
Japanese people have one major problem when learning English: The pronunciation of words. Most of this stems from the larger variety of sounds in English compared to Japanese. For a Japanese person, "b" and "v" are pronounced the same. "L" and "r" likewise also only have one sound. "Th" is nonexistent. This leads to amusing "Engrish" as us foreigners tend to call it popping up all over the place. I recall a shop window with "Hansel and Gletel" on the front, as well as a...
The M1 Analog is warmer than the Mojo. It pairs nicely with brighter IEMs such as the Dita models.
It's possible to use 6922s and the like with a converter in the 6SN7 slot, but rather pointless. I used the Amperex PQ and the ringing was so bad it was audible doing nothing, let alone moving anything at all in the room I was in. Pity, because it's a damn nice tube, and the low gain setting of the Schiit Vali 2 removes the ringing. I think that is all that the Studio Six really needs is a low gain setting for more sensitive headphones.
 Sadly I'm pretty new to the streaming thing myself. I've been encouraging the company to improve their software to suit markets outside of China, as the hardware is excellent, if my experiences are anything to go by. 
I've tried 6K6, but i think it has a lower gain. The other tubes have different specs and I'm not sure how well they'd work. My pics at present: 6SN7: Red base: Very lively. If you changed out the French OB2s for Mullards and miss the fire, get this tube. Sylvania VT-231 (high-mounted parts that make it look like the MELZ): Clearer-sounding without losing musicality.6N8S "MELZ": More clear-sounding than even the VT-231 and needs to be balanced by warmer 6V6s.  Sylvania...
 Yup, I had it wrong, it is not I2S though, it is "MSB-First Binary Two’s Complement". See page 7 of the datasheet. The reason I remember this is because I asked Kingwa about installing USB into my NOS1704 and he said it wouldn't work as it requires a chip that outputs this format. 
For the curious, here is the review of the transport I'm using with the Yggy, which I feel improves the SQ from it quite considerably:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/soundaware-d100pro-deluxe-32bit-192-khz-dsd-pcm-digital-streaming-audio-transport-system/reviews/15512
It'll say on the charger what the output is. It's worth checking.
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