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 Totally agreed here. I was curious to find out how he had arrived at his impressions and wanted to make sure he hadn't hit on any of the weird things that came up with the Hugo that we knew about but he may not have.
 There's the problem. The Hugo puts out 3V in line out mode, which overloads some amps that don't have volume on the input. Try it again if you can with the HD-800s plugged in directly. They are fine directly from the Hugo. Give it at least 10 minutes to warm up a bit first though. 
Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound has a binaural series called Accidental Powercut. You have to subscribe to download them, but you do get access to quite a few other high-res recordings.
 Did you use the Hugo in line-out mode, or with the volume set at max?
@purrin How was the Hugo set up when you auditioned it?
 We look for enjoyment.   I got into photography more seriously than before, something for which I can partially blame my friends in this hobby for. But given the sound I'm getting from my system at this very moment, I don't feel I need anything better.  Unfortunately this is too true. It is too easy to forget my first point, that we are seeking enjoyment and sharing that enjoyment. Enjoyment from trying to take down others just ruins it. I think that is why many people...
I reckon (which has somewhat been confirmed) that it depends very much on how susceptible the amp is to noise. When I had the RKV, the power cable made a lot of difference, as it did with some DACs I owned which had fairly simple power supplies.   I have DIY Van Den Hul Mainstream cables -- DIY because the stock Wattgate gold plated plugs they came with tend to make the sound a bit mushy. It seems crazy to me that a power plug would use something as un-conductive as...
Just a reminder people: This is the thread to post and discuss impressions and the other thread, where I've moved 4 pages of posts, is for general discussion of the headphones. Please double-check which thread you are in before you write or reply to anyone's post.    URL to the other thread:
Since you mention the previous issues these amps have had, and because 'stat amps contain very lethal voltages, I'm going to have to ask you here to post a shot of the internals if possible.
Yes, discuss the Pono please. 
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