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Please use the Deals Discussion Thread for this kind of thing in the future. Thanks.
I suggest getting your memory from OWC -- Definitely max out the computer if you can, it makes a huge amount of difference with everything. The less the computer has to use the hard disk the better.
@dallan It wouldn't surprise me if these LTDs aren't much different from the 10s in sound. I'm pretty sure I went through a similar period with the 10JPNs where I spent a lot of time at home listening with them before finally deciding not to keep them. 
 FYI, copper can end up "green". Silver tarnishes, ie: turns black.
I've been listening with these over the last few days and they are (for me at least) absolutely awesome.  Being supra-aural they tend to get a bit congested-sounding if the volume is turned up too much, which limits their clarity, but they have just the right amount of bass kick and everything else seems to be spot-on sonically. Their W1000Z big brothers have not fared so well. 
Ok, I know what causes the problem now.   Other than for the first page of a thread, each subsequent page is indicated with a URL that has the post number to start with. So this page is the third of this thread, so the URL ends with /30. If you enter an invalid number at the end, the page auto-refreshes to the last page of the thread.   The problem is that pages are being cached that don't contain the latest posts. When you attempt to go to the new posts URL of a page...
 Ahh, now I get you. Mine has a US plug.  Now I think of it, I recall earlier in the thread someone used an adaptor with too high a voltage and killed their Hugo. --  On something completely different: S/PDIF was cutting out for me, so I had to re-flow the solder joints for the socket to get it working again, nothing at all major. My fault for hanging an Audiophilleo off it.
People tend to underestimate just how many people actually read Head-Fi, but may not only not post, but may not even be members.  So...Have fun Will!  
If this is new, you'll have to sell it for no more than the purchase price (and cost of shipping if applicable). Doing otherwise is considered "flipping" and not allowed.
 It comes with one adaptor that works with any voltage from 100-240 volts.
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