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 That's what happened to me, so I guess it a similar problem I had with another Chinese brand player that didn't recognise that the file was 192k in that format.
No, the file is either AIF or ALAC on a micro SD card.
  For this year, the festival has been moved back a week to Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of April.    The festival is always a great deal of fun (and can be seriously dangerous to one's wallet). I hope that members who come along will join us for the fun and at least say "Hi".
Mine has arrived. Out of the box sounds nice with the JH13s balanced. It's not quite as pretty as the pictures suggest and I couldn't work out at first how to turn it on.   The other thing is, it wouldn't recognise a 24/192k file, playing it back as 44.1.    I'll leave it running for a few days then give it another go.
I just did the mods (except the cable) and the result has definitely fixed the unpleasantness in the treble that I didn't like.  Great stuff! 
Recently I've headed back to listening with my Z7s, but lamented the issues with the treble. Aside from the cable I've just completed the mods and I'm very happy with the improvements.
A DAP is a whole, huge different kind of device. It depends if Rob was interested in taking the time to program a whole system on a FPGA that could read music files from SD cards and have a UI with which to interact.
 2015, but I don't give out titles like that. I'm sure plenty of people still think it's a massive conspiracy though. I need to make my "good enough" video, which is long overdue. Not sure I can keep a straight face though.   Supposedly because we were originally English convicts. I gotta say, y'all speak pretty funny over there y'selves.  
I'd need to consult a linguistics expert, but the Japanese vowels closest to the "r" sound are ra, ri, ru, re, ro. The actual pronounciation of them varies across the country, sounding somewhere between how they are written and la, li, lu, le, lo. The problem then comes up that firstly, most companies aren't interested in trying to find a foreigner or Japanese person to write proper English because most of the time secondly, they only care about Japanese customers, so it...
New Posts  All Forums: