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Easy Earphone is now banned and blacklisted from Head-Fi. Links to, and discussion of them, as well as "DQSM" products are no longer allowed. That includes Amazon links.   What the hell happened? Unusually, I'm going to tell you all.    Soon after he registered, PaulPark222, who is from Korea, was given a very strong warning for flipping review samples in the classifieds, and warned to state the original of all products he reviewed, ie: Whether or not he purchased them...
I've moved your question to the proper forum. What made you decide to sell the Mojo? Did you want a single unit for playback?
A number of threads have been locked and a number of products removed, at least temporarily, due to what appears to be Member of the Trade rule violations. See the Terms of Service.   I'm not going to answer any question here...yet, but I need to tell you all something VERY important, related to rules (linked above) specifically the ones that forbid non-sponsor MOTs from advertising:   1. Do NOT EVER create an account for another person, especially a manufacturer or...
When you buy a new pair of headphones, the most major difference you'll notice, which I think you've already discovered, is a change in the tonal balance (frequency response). If the overall balance isn't that much different, it will be hard to notice anything much different.  Very likely many of the people who had "wow" moments with the Fostex were coming from much cheaper headphones to begin with, so it was a big upgrade for them.    If you're listening a lot to music...
I'm not sure that a DAP will make an improvement over what you have now, especially if you plan to use it with the HE-5s. What kind of improvement are you after? More detail retrieval?
I just reviewed the Sony h.ear on BT/NC model, which is a bit cheaper, but not much. Sound quality was pretty fantastic, even with the NC on. Mind you, I haven't compared it to the Sennheiser yet. 
Did you, or have you been using the Mojo with the Samsung phone? Apologies if I missed the answer.
The old thread has been unlocked. 
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