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1.0 is coming soon.
@audiofrk I use the AK240 on public transport. For travelling I take the Hugo with a MacBook Air as well.
 Whoa, not sure how you get the impression that the outside of the headphone is covered up. It is only the metal ring and the part of the frame where the cable enters inside of the cup that are covered to prevent reflections. See post #7 in that thread, though Jazz experimented with extra bits of felt. 
Just for fun...everything except the Hugo and my AK240 before I sent Anakchan's DAPs back:     Headphones: LCD-XC, LCD-X, HD-800s.   IEMs (top): UERMs, Roxanne universals.   Upright in middle: JH-13 case, RWAK240, Roxanne case, HM-901, Calyx M.   Laying flat: Sound Potion Monolith, Tralucent DacAmp One, FiiO X5, Pico Power and Slim, mini-to-mini cables, Centrance M8 and VMODA VAMP, Dita mini-to-mini.   Below: Fitear Parterre, JH-13s, UERM case.
 Basically the same thing arnaud ended up doing with his here:
The HD-800s were great with the Phoenix, so if the Master 9 is 5 or so years of improvements on that, then it doesn't surprise me that it is a good match.   Damping update: The imaging is now so insanely precise after putting felt on the inner ring that listening is almost scary.
 The Hugo is better IMO -- more "3D" in its sound, but when I fly I take the AK240 as it is much more convenient and almost as good.
 Send me one and I'll talk about it.  I don't know anyone at Cowan nor anyone who owns one either actually, otherwise I'd love to give it a go. 
I've been playing around with damping mods, and so far I've settled on a ring of stick-on felt on the metal ring around the driver and a triangular piece of non-slip matting on the cable housing in the cup with the original driver protectors inserted.    I think all of the recent opinions have some validity:   The slight euphoric sound of some tube amps (eg: typical OTL designs) can be a good match with the HD-800s, though some didn't have the detail retrieval of the...
 Dan Lavry has a white paper, which he wrote back when he refused to make a 192k ADC on it. That's probably the best reading on t  The very act of digital to analogue conversion introduces various forms of distortion, eg: Aliasing in linear filters being one. From my understanding the whole high-res deal seems to be less of an issue now because a: Some of the crappy down-sampling algorithms used in the past aren't in use any longer, and b: filters are getting better. My...
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