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  The first show of 2016 had been moved back a week this year to the beginning of the Golden Week holiday period. That gave it a slightly subdued feeling compared to previous years. The highlight product of the show was Ultrasone's Tribute 7, which harks back to their first "Edition" series headphones, the Edition 7. More relevant to collectors than anything it, as a pair of headphones, much the same kind of deal as the Signature series, and the Edition 9 before that,...
I'm planning to be there too. Will be my first ever time to SF.
 MrSpeakers Ether or Ether C. That was my favourite combo at meets.
No. Onkyo HF Player.
Ahh...my fun tease has been ruined! Dang party poopers!    It's a lovely, smooth-sounding device. Uses quite a bit of my iPhone 6's battery though.
Some discussion of the Onkyo came up this weekend in Tokyo. I might see if it is possible to borrow one for review.    Agreed about the Mojo though. I find it best from my iPhone and I was using that way at the show. Made a lot of IEMs, even inexpensive ones, sound wonderful.    A big surprise of the weekend is that the new (beta) Head-Fi Japan Wikia site had my posts in this thread translated into Japanese!   Another surprise was the AK300 and a third that I have a...
You have to guess by the shape. I don't think you've seen the company's other products though so you might not.  I did sit down and spend some time during the show with those weird Triode headphones that use time delay and multiple drivers to throw a full stereo image, as well as audition a $20k ultra-premium DAC/amp which was overbuilt in the most extreme ways possible. And then there are the "transformer" headphones.  So apart from that teaser shot and regular products...
The show felt a little subdued since it was at the beginning of the Golden Week holiday period. I think this was most apparent when we didn't have to struggle to find seats in Starbucks in the morning!   Even though there weren't so many big-sounding announcements, there was some interesting stuff and I got to spend Sunday trying some interesting gear which wasn't at the show. 
I'll be in Tokyo from Thursday afternoon through to Monday morning, so if anyone wants to meet up, feel free to PM me. 
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