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 Usefully better informed I agree with, as long as it isn't trying to force a belief system on people. That is just just replacing one kind of irrationality with another.  There are, after all, plenty of people who comment about not being impressed with some or other expensive piece of gear, which in turn has dissuaded people from being products. With headphones at least, that has often come down to music preferences. I haven't seen anyone produce a scientific guide to...
Not mistaken. I need to bring it out again for the Laylas and try it with other headphones too.
Guys, just FYI, no discussion of religion please.
 Apparently indeed. Going around telling people how to think is not a path to happiness. 
What music would you like to know about the bass on? Feel free to post a youtube video. For everyone reading: The HE1000s have something more akin to electrostat bass (to me at least). It seems to reach out and touch me with its accuracy. It feels more open and spacious, but the whole presentation isn't as impactful as regular planars. People are wishing that the HE1000s are more impactful like the HE6s and have played around with using different pads to get the same...
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Now you just need to click on "Close Listing" in the yellow band on the first post. 
 Enjoyment is a placebo. It must be outlawed We can't have people enjoying themselves in anything other than a completely rational manner now, can we? Sorry, but I can't reply seriously when you use the word "suffering". One may as well complain about people behaving like human beings.  Other than that. if you believe someone is advertising falsely, take it up with the appropriate authority I reckon.
 Search for my posts in this thread (Search Thread at the top, then Advanced Search - Search by username). It isn't thin-sounding, but it wont be as thick-sounding as your LCD-3s -- lighter in the bass, mids and treble.
I did the $5 mod. I like the HE1000s better still. It ends up being like owning a 'stat. "With the right $6k amp they beat everything else." If you don't mind a somewhat delicate presentation of the music, the HE1000s seem to be OK out of even a portable. I appreciate that about them. At the same time, I do keep turning the volume up wanting more impact, but have to turn it down again when I remember they simply wont give that as they are with my rig.
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