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@TomSix Don't worry about it. This thread tends to be pretty slow-moving. 
NFB-1AMP review:   Youtube:  
This is an original style AK100 mark 2 version with low output impedance for IEMs. It is in excellent condition as per the pictures. It will come with the original box and accessories. I bought it to use with my Mojo but I ended up using my iPhone as a transport most of the time instead.   Price now includes shipping.
I think that because they don't have a strong treble as many other headphones do, their capabilities aren't immediately apparent. I've only heard them on the desktop Sony system, with my own music, but they clearly had a significant degree of detail retrieval, at least in the midrange. 
 I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work fine.  With music, matching your headphones with the music is most important. After that, any DAP you buy more needs to be functionally suitable for your needs than anything.
 It'd be interesting to see measurements with headphones, rather than with resistors, which might reveal the source of these impressions. 
So far I've gained more enjoyment from the tube amps -- but ones that are very resolving, not just "warm". I forgot to mention the WA8, which was a lovely pairing, if not as detailed as my main system. That amp is exactly the right kind of "warm" and is simply highly enjoyable to listen with.  For whomever asked, I have a Black Dragon. I'd forgotten about it. When I last visited Drew he asked what I had and he handed me a bunch of cables to try.  The times I've tried the...
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