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 Knowing what I know, I find that highly unlikely. Not that it isn't possible, but more so that we trust the people at the companies enough to know that they wouldn't try something like that. It would almost certainly be discovered and backfire against the company, permanently destroying their reputation.
 Asynchronous USB refers to how the data is transferred. Noise is electrical and will be transmitted regardless. Rob Watts made an interesting post in the Hugo thread yesterday stating that he reckons that optical is the best transport (for the Hugo) as the jitter will be eliminated and it wont transmit any noise at all. Given that modern DAC designs are supposed to eliminate jitter, what he said about people mistaking the effects of noise as better clarity may explain a...
I traded down from my D800 to the D750 yesterday and started playing.  
They tend to be too extreme for some people's tastes and less technically proficient than the HD-800s or Audeze planars. I do understand what you mean though, as I'm back listening with my Symphones Magnums (modified Grados no longer made, except for the drivers) and they are far more lively and entertaining. 
Looks like I should be able to bring the Japanese Aurorasound HEADA with me to Canjam. I might have to battle off @mikemercer to see who can bring the better-sounding rig. 
 Was that with the balanced card? I noticed that it used OPA627s which do have an old-style smooth presentation which some people prefer. When I switched to another discrete card (I forgot which it was) it was clearer and revealed more of the DAC, somewhat more like the Calyx, which I didn't like as much.
  Everyone else can read both threads and see for themselves, minus a libellous statement that was removed.
 Limpidglitch: Your post is a very good example of why we are incapable of having a sane discussion. @Billheiser The post I quoted is a perfect example of the problem. I'm out.
For the AK series, it is different: 
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