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That's what your smart phone is for. The alternative would be years of development hell, such as has been going on with FiiO's DAPs. I think this system is better, as a DAP would have limited hardware support over time, whereas if you upgrade your phone, you don't have to worry about it so much. That being said...some smart person with time and money could always design an X7 adaptor in place of the amp to fit it to the Mojo, once they've got OTG working properly. Edit:...
 MQA files are CD quality files with the high-res portion encoded as "noise" in the parts of the file where there is normally no data. Playing an MQA file vs. the CD Quality original through a regular DAC, the MQA will be the worse choice, as it will have more noise.  Playing the MQA back through an MQA capable DAC, the noise gets decoded into the high-res portion of the file.    Limited to 44.1/16 as that is essentially what is being sent in an MQA file.
 I've seen circuits tweaked to give less channel separation in the bass and treble, resulting in what one would perceive as a larger soundstage.  A large part of our perception of distance is connected with frequency, so a darker/warmer sound signature will be perceived as such, since high frequencies drop off fastest at distance.  This might help you: Digital connection: Transmits a...
Apart from the factory move, it is interesting how little the work, and the answers to questions, have changed since we did an interview.
The link on the previous page explained it better. It is not the power as much as it is the ability to handle the largest dynamic peaks in the music.   Anyhow, I'm curious to read more impressions of the Fulla 2. 
This is absolutely NOT the case with the headphone manufacturers I have talked to and/or whose factories I have visited.
 Long time no see! There has been a lot of progress at the low end of the IEM market. 5 years ago, $50 only got you utter rubbish. Now there are fantastic models out there.
 Thanks for finding the link. The question was about getting static while touching the pot, not the pot itself. I would imagine that as the whole device itself is a new design that it wouldn't have the same issues as the previous one, but it's worth checking with Schiit as they'd know for sure.  It might depend on whether the volume knob is metal or plastic.
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